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Weekly News- July 18th, 2006

What’s hotter than that race pumped front tire you left in your car with the windows up? Brian Shilling and the rest of the Fitzgerald’s Bicycle Racers, that’s what. They not only look hot in their 2006 Fitzy team kits….but are bringing home the (organic) bacon from around the west!

Let’s cut strait to the team results this week, ‘cuz I’m bustin’ to tell about them:

Brian Shilling shocked the cycling world, here at Fitzgerald’s Bicycles- with his 2nd Place Overall Result in the Cat III Men’s Cascade Classic 4-Stage Race. Shilling’s consistency earned him his highest overall result in such a big-time race, with 4th in the road race, 4th in the time trail, 3rd in the Criterium and 3rd in the Circuit Race. The Cascade Classic in Bend, Oregon is one of the country’s more mountainous and competitive road races. A quick Sam Posey moment of historical perspective here: Lance once won the Cascade Classic as did Chris Horner who raced up Alpe d’Huez today…so this is not our average local race! To place no lower than 4th in 4 stages against a huge field of Cat III’s…..Shill’Dog you crushed it!

Kris Lunning, raced in the Pro Men’s Cascade Classic Stage Race. Hanging on through the first two stages of this elite category, Lunning was able to finish the first two mountain stages amongst some of the countries best racers, even coming in ahead of a legend Gord Fraiser and J.J. Haedo (two stage winner from this year’s Tour of California). The Pro’s showed no mercy, nor the strict pro time cut which eliminated Lunner in stage 3. Still, no brakes Lunner is my hero for trying….and for putting Fitzgerald’s in the domestic pro peleton.

Jay Petervary was back in the high altitude baking oven- returning to Breckenridge, Colorado to race in a 100 mile Mountain Bike Race. Jay suffered from the heat, flat tires, the status quo of oxygen deprivation while racing over 12,000 foot mountain passes to finish 5th overall. Enjoying every moment of the agony, Jay will top of his fluids and reload before heading to the Laramie Enduro later this month. Jay P, are you nuts!!?? (Jay’s report below)

Wooohhooooo…….were to go from here.

Tour de Jackson News- Reports are swirling that Operation Murpho, and his recent “the stick” distribution to local riders has not cancelled the tour as some believed. L’Tour will be announced soon for a Tuesday’s of August show up to Tuesday Night Rides or miss your start time (not that that bothered Floyd much).

Teton Pass Race- This Sunday! Go to UCJH for all details…but the jist is this…it IS the town championship road race. And “I haven’t ridden the pass this year” get’s you no handicap. You’ve only got days to buy that C-50 in the window…and get to Hungry Jacks starting line. 8:30am race….sign ups before. 10am Mt. Bike race to the top of Mt. Ely. This is suffering at it’s finest…beer, raffle and cash for winners…..get psyched!

Inter Mountain Cup Mt. Bike Race at the Villagio (Teton Village) this Saturday. Volunteers get a free lift ticket, etc. and may still be needed. is the place to get more info- or ask at the shop. All categories, big time racers, get out and race this Saturday!

Gabriel Axelrad Memorial Ride in Grand Teton National Park. Look for more info in the weekly newspaper. This very important ride remembers Gabriel, who was hit and killed while cycling through GTNP with her family 7 years ago. Hundreds of local cyclists rode last year in her memory…and to fight for safe cycling routes in the park! Includes a free t-shirt, Lunch, a short talk and then group ride from String Lake to Jenny Lake….(free entry to park to participate, please carpool or bike to event).

So much going on….Including some race in France…where American Sandwiches are reportedly being served and big sunglasses seem to be ruling the day. That’s the day….I’m not saying…Today! Now playing at Fitzy’s Shop.

Gotta Rap up. A huge shout out to the great Team Party last Tuesday on the Brew Pub Deck! Thank you Snake River Brewery for the hospitality…and thank you for all who came. Past rider’s of the week all won sweet Euskatel/Fitzy orange socks. You need not be a top shelf or racer to be part of these team events….if you wear…own…or are a fan of orange lycra…you’re invited!

Rider of the Week- Brian Shilling. You go Dog! I new that lush training camp at the 4 Seasons would finally deliver big time podiums.

Jay’s Report From the recent 100 mile Mt Bike Race.
What Jay has been up too? Well, after suffering in the heat of the Creampuff and floating high on the endurance racing buzz I chased down another 50 mile mtb race 8 days later on 4th of July in Breckinridge. Big scene, 500 hundred racers, teams, categories and wave starts. (Tid bit-Breck is at something like 9600′ elevation, race is run mostly between 10-11000′). Gun goes off me and one other take off bridging the 1 minute gap to the pros, pace is good, climbing several thousand feet from the start. It was a 25 mile lap with close to 6000′ gain each lap. I led the race in my cat. for 40 miles, then boom, the headache I had turned into migraine type followed up w/ some hurling, needless to say my pace and drive dropped considerably being passed once on a steep climb I was walking and then 1 more time on the downhill back to town. I finished up 3rd and in terrible shape.
10 days later living on that same buzz I visit back to Breckinridge for 100 miles at elevation.
This was 3 different laps out of town w/ about 15000′ gain. So I try to learn from past experiences and I was respecting the elevation we were at, this time we would be going over 12000′ passes. I went out conservatively warming up the big climb we started w/,by the time we hit the top I was in 5th place. Riding comfortably through the first lap there was less then 10min. between 1st and 5th(me). 2nd lap I was starting to push harder in result feel worse then I got to deal w/ a flat that I took care of in a stupid way. Rideing the flat for a few slower miles, then stopping to just put air in to ride just a few more miles, then to really stop and change it and not get enough air in, then to stop at aid station to properly get enough air (stupid stupid stupid). Lots of time added up there. Now in 6th chasing down, I finished lap 2 back in 5th w/ 4th just in front I chased him down all through the last lap alwys seeing him but not really being able to close the gap. Well it ended the same 5th overall.
These races were run well and offered great competition and difficulty, I do recommend.
Elevation is something we know we should acclimate for, if you can do it, I did not showing up each race afternoon before after driving all day. Racing. Driving home.
I hope everybody is enjoying some sort of riding buzz as I hope mine lasts to the next fix, Laramie enduro, all or nothing!
I want to thank all people that have to do w/ Fitzys shop, club, race team and sponsors for keeping it all going!

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