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Zip it Up! Fitzy News- July 25th

Ian Tuttle Wins the Cat IV Boise Twilight Crit!

Cheers to Floyd Landis! “You’ve gotta’ Believe.”

Incase you’ve felt self-conscious wearing your jersey with a Brewery as a sponsor (especially since most races are in Utah), here’s some good news to ponder- From interview regarding Floyd’s now famous beer after his bonk stage.
Possibly the biggest question, most from the amateur racers looking for any edge to win like Floyd, is what about the beer? “What else can you do after a day like that?” Landis asked in return. “I’m just an ordinary guy with a talent to ride my bicycle. After a day like that I didn’t see a reason to sit in my hotel room and dwell on it. So we went down to a little bar down the street. It was sunny out and we say on the patio and had a beer, and tried to figure out what to do next.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Weekly Race Wrap Up-

Wells Fargo Boise Twilight Criterium- Boise, Idaho.

Fitzy Riders Ian Tuttle, Dave Bergart and Chellie Terry raced in the Boise Twilight Criterium on Saturday, July 22nd. With temperatures reaching above 100 degrees and thousands of fans, rows deep, lining the course and cheering, this was a very high profile race for the Orange Team from Jackson Hole. Bergy raced his first Cat III race posting a new lifetime high heart rate of 208. Although this is being disputed by his friends here at home, Ian and Chellie report that his face resembled a “tomato in a microwave” when he came off the 120 degree road. Bergy finished 12th overall and Chellie finished 10th overall in the pro I-III women’s road race. All reported this race to be the biggest, best race of the year with huge crowds of rowdy fans cheering throughout.

InterMountain Cup Mountain Bike Race- Reports are trickling in and will be written up next week…as results are not posted yet- but the rumor mill has Tracey Petervary taking 2nd in W’s Expert and “Big” Greg Buchko winning his class. We’ll post more info next week.

Teton Pass- Road and Mountain bike race. (Results in JHWeekly) Early reports- Road- Lunner 4th, Off the Couch Lynch 7th, JayP 8th, Murph 9th. TraceyP 4th W’s. Mnt.- TraceyP 5th W’s, JayP 5th M’s.
With a some-what smaller men’s field and growing women’s field this UCJH fundraiser and unofficial “town championship” delivered on it’s promise- to squeeze out of you both a personal best time and all life you had in your legs.
*author’s note- If you’ve ever wanted to race your bike, this is the best place to start. It’s only $15.00 and it gives you a great place to test yourself, your mind and your machine each summer. I’m constantly amazed at how many road bikers race up Spring Creek on their own, but fail to test themselves against the clock and their fellow town riders each summer at this Classic. Not competitive? Yeah, sure…that’s why you moved to Jackson?! It’s not a competition then, it’s just a test. A really hard test at that.

A Special Thank You to United Cyclists of Jackson Hole, Volunteer Race Director Brian Smith and all others involved. Brian’s firm but fair barking of orders and meticulous attention to detail helped this race run like fitzy tuned campy record. Brian had great volunteer help along the way and Hawk’s dad’s relations with the local police force made for the safest and best run Teton Pass race I’ve seen. Thanks also to Andy and Wilson Backcountry Sports, Pearl Street Bagels and Snake River Brewery’s for the party, raffle and event.

Park City, UT- E100- 50 mile solo race.
This past Saturday was the second event in the E100 series; the
Dave Byers raced the 50-mile solo and finished in 6:04:39 for a 10th place in age group and 22nd place overall finish. 87 solos started and about 60 finished. Dave’s science experiment with Hammer Products continues to get closer to a “dreaded inner-thigh cramp” solution. (course report coming soon for those racing the 100 miler in future)

Tour de Wyoming-

Mary, Eliot, Peter and Bill Neil represented Fitzgerald’s in the Tour de Wyoming last week. Nine year-old Peter earned himself the virtual White “Best Young Rider” Jersey in the Tour de Wyoming for putting in 200 miles on his little Orbea Carrera (24″ wheels) road bike. Uh-Oh, that means he’s only 8 years away from crushing us in PPP! Also, Liliana Trieck, Michael and Terry Austin were also sportin’ the fitzy kit on this organized bike tour through Wyoming. (the Neil’s are one of our great sponsors!)


Ian Tuttle breaks into the elite club with his Landis Like solo to victory at the Boise Twilight Crit on Saturday. In his own words Ian recounts the announcer at the race during his breakaway (I guess one benefit of being off the front is hearing the announcer): It was 107 degrees in Boise when we went. Bergart’s face looked like a tomato in a microwave. Whenever I took a sip of water it burned my mouth. But man, the scene was really sweet. Sportsbase had their vans set up with the start/finish arch over the road and music pumping through the streets. And the announcer was great. On my break he says “and whoa! Out of nowhere here’s Ian Tuttle, from Victor, Idaho riding for Fitzgerald’s, off the front! I don’t think the peleton will let him keep it for long…” and next lap “Here he is again, from team Fitzgerald’s, Ian Tuttle still out front…” and then towards the end “I think he might hold them off! This is incredible! Victor, Idaho’s Ian Tuttle, riding for Fitzgerald’s is STILL on his own in a solo break! Put your hands together and show him you care!” The crowd was huge and kept my spirits brimming. It was really cool. And winning felt very good. Ian

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