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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

OK, first the good:
Fitzgerald’s very proud to announce the arrival of our first Organic Cotton T-Shirts! We have sourced some great T’s from Organic Apparel
If you are unaware of the damage conventional cotton growing has on our planet check out their article titled “cotton the truth”. Yes they are a little more expensive, but so is not eating at MacDonald’s! Encourage your business to call Tormack Screenprinting in Jackson to source your next T’s and make sure their organic!

Now the bad:
Doping in cycling. What can I say… bad for the fans, bad for the bike shops, and bad for the image of cycling which needs to be shining these days to get more people to ride. Say it ain’t so Floyd.

Finally, the ugly:
Yeah doping sucks. But, what sucks even more is how quick the media and the fans are to assume the worst. Let’s not freak out just yet. Remember, the French are always looking to bring down the American cyclists. Don’t give up hope just yet!

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