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Riding the White Dirt!

Sorry for the long delay in the Fitzgerald’s Blog cycle. After a sweet Hawaiin vacation Tim and I have been working hard to prep the shop for the holiday / winter season. We have ’07 Jamis and Orbea bikes in stock as well as the sweetest wool jerseys from Earth Wind and Rider. But… the coolest thing in the shop right now is my new Surly Pugsley snow bike. The Pugsley is a specially designed frame that can accomodate low pressure 4″ wide tires so a rider can float on top of the snow pack more and get tons of traction.

While the skiing has been marginal Chris Erickson (another proud Pugs owner) and I have been mountain biking all over the Cache drainage. Putt-Putt and Hagen (staircase and all) are in perfect shape and we’ve got our sights set on Ferrin’s next! I’m not talking so/so riding, but full on fast singletrack ripping. Then there’s the other possibilties which include hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails throughout the Gros Ventre, Snake and Big Hole mountains, and the perfect alternative transport for the long flat backcountry ski approaches. This is NO GIMICK! If you are a mountain biker and/or backcountry skier who lives in snow country this is mandatory equipment. Check out more info on the Surly webpage.

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