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4 Season Mountain Biking

I know most of you are still unconvinced of the greatness of snow biking on a Surly Pugsley, so I thought it was time for another update. I can’t say I’d be as excited about snow biking if the winter compared to last year, but, SNOW BIKING RULES! This past saturday Chris Ercikson, Dave Byers, and myself rode a 20 mile MOUNTAIN BIKE ride in the Big Holes. How? The regional snowmobile clubs all have hundreds of mile of GROOMED snow mobile trails throughout our various mountain ranges. I’m not talking trails that are packed by snow machines; I mean miles and miles of corduroy laid down by actual groomers. Last week team rider Jay Petervary rode from Togwotee pass to Jackson via the Gros Ventres / Slide lake. The possibilities are endless. How bout a weekend ride through the mountains to Lander? Or maybe just a commute to work on the bike path!

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