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Teton Pass Update 6-23-09

I rode Jimmy’s Mom and Parallel this weekend and had a blast.  Yes, still pretty muddy this weekend on Jimmy’s Mom, but I’ll bet after tomorrow it will be great again.  Parallel was awesome and riding really well with moisture on it.  I’ll bet it’s approaching dusty today.

I got some other reports while I was up there:

Arrow Trail – Good up to the SnowTel turnout and then too muddy/snowy to continue.

Phillips – Again, too muddy/snowy to get through to the to of it, but you can ride to the top from the bottom.  Galen and EJ (FoP ad USFS) cleared all the downfall last week – Thanks Guys!

Blacks – Read Phillips – same story.  Thanks again Galen and EJ for clearing it up.  If you don’t mind pushing snow at the top you could probably pull off a Black’s

Lithium - Again, push the snow and you will be rewarded.  I here it’s riding great with the exception of the gully below the Galende Jump – still full of snow.

Mosquito Creek - Dry, rideable and in great shape from what I hear.

3 Responses to “Teton Pass Update 6-23-09”

  1. kevin says:

    who knows about the condition of Ditch Creek or Cabin/dog creek trails. thanks

  2. karin says:

    Shoveled the snow off of Arrow, you can ride it hardly getting off, (i don’t ride the bridge) but still wet in places.
    Some hoof prints on beginning of Arrow to Snowtell Bridge, then better, …
    Philips is also good, besides the major creeks crossings.

  3. Fitzy says:

    Hey Karin,
    Sorry it took me a while to post your comment. Now that you have been “approved” it will post your future comments immediately.

    Bummer about the hoofs on the Arrow Trail. Rode it a few days ago and it was like riding a cobblestone street in places. Not sure why the horses aren’t using the trail that is totally dedicated to them. Lame. Oh well, the trail still ROCKS!


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