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Ridge Trail Update from EJ

Hello everyone. Galen and I have started “operation switchbacks”. We are working from the top-down this year, so we started on the switchback in root world. We finished the switchback in a week. That is pretty darn good for our first one of the year, because that is about what they take, one week per switchback. It was a pretty easy one though. The grip-hoist is a champion. When people ask Galen what happens inside the machinery he calls it “magic”. We were able to grip out two stumps that were blocking the corner and it made everything so much easier. We are messing around with the lay-out on the switchbacks a bit and going with a little larger radius (7′ vs. 6′). It may make them flow a little nicer. I am considering increasing the radius on some of the lower switchbacks if the 7 footers flow nicer. Bigger is usually better. Thanks to Todd Cedarholm who volunteered for a day jumped right into the trenches literally. Also thanks to Chris Owens who came out yesterday and learned real quick how to build a switch. His first cope ever was perfect.

I off next week for a family visit. Galen is on. If anyone is interested in learning switchbacks give Galen a call. Its real interesting work, and he is a good teacher.

Have a nice week.

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