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GSKA and Teton Pass Trails Coordinator Weekly Update – Sept 20th

Submitted by Erik Jacobsen
GSKA and Teton Pass Trails Coordinator

Hello everyone. I’m back from my week off and back at it. I almost needed a vacation from my vacation. (lots of rafting, biking, and backpacking with the brother and his wife.) We went back to wiggle-world last week. The switchback count is starting to widdle down, two left. (unfortunately the last two are going to be the hardest ones) We pretty much got a two-for-one special this week. We built one big normal switchback (beautiful with three layers of big timbers), and then we got a bonus easy one just built with dirt. The Jackson Trail Crew continues to give excellent help and support to the front-country trail program. We have a new switchback prodigy, Chris Owen. He has learned how to scribe, cope, and build switchbacks quicker than anyone I’ve seen. His first cope was perfect. He has taken quite a liking to the swithcback construction operation and we might just have to hang on to him a little while. Casey Stewart also joined us for the week and learned how to build switchbacks. She did a real nice job too. On Thursday we had the whole Jackson crew and had quite the operation going on. I felt like I was on the new Discovery show “American Loggers”. We were peeling timbers, rigging timbers, and setting timbers all at the same time. Sarah Newcolm did her first scribe and cope. It came out real nice. We were real close to finishing what may be one of our best switchbacks on the hill on Friday. Instead of rushing it and making it sub-par, we called it a weekend and will return to make it world-class.

Have a nice week.

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