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Don’t worry about the skiing – Darby Canyon is riding awesome!

Jannine and I went out for an hour and a half ride today up Darby Canyon just south of Driggs, ID.


Turn right before the Spud drive – in and head toward the Tetons.  Darby Canyon is the Southern entrance to the Aspen Trail.  We parked at the bottom of the Canyon and rode almost 5 miles to the Wilderness trail head for the Wind Cave hike.



J9 – So hot right now.  The 16″ Surly Pugsley rental bike is not too bad either…

How were the conditions?  Does perfect sum it up for you?  Since the snow depths are still pretty shallow, trucks are still driving up the canyon along with snowmobiles so the pack is incredible!  Add some cold/warm cycles to the equation and you get the primo conditions we rode today.  Probably beyond a regular Mt Bike’s abilities, but our Pugsley ruled it!  We didn’t even need to run super low pressure to cruise like it was dirt.

If you snowbike, this photo gets you stoked:031

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