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Snow Biking up Cache Creek is on!

In the past few weeks I’ve ridden Cache Sidewalk, Putt – Putt, and Hagen on my Surly Pugsley Snowbike.  The walkers, skiers, and bikers have kept the trails well packed down and the lack of heavy snow means that you can even drift off trail and not immediately eat it.  I would have to say that the snow biking conditions in Cache Creek are almost as good as it gets.  Of course a specific Snowbike like the Pugsley is ideal, but I hear that people are still riding their regular Mt Bikes with studded tires and doing pretty ok.  I went out with Chris E last week for a Sidewalk / Hagen loop and he shot a bunch of video.  Hopefully he can figure out the wonders of video editing and get me some footage soon!

posted 12/19/09

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