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Putt – Putt & Cahce Sidewalk Update 4-25-10

Cache Creek Sidewalk:
Dry and Good to Go! Cache Creek itself is still pretty muddy – stay up on the sidewalk

Dry and riding good from Nelson Drive to the high point above the Sidewalk.
Still extremely muddy and CLOSED beyond the first mud spot you encounter. Don’t believe the hype, Putt-Putt is still largely unrideable as of this weekend!

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  1. brandon says:

    Putt-Putt is rideable from the Nelson Dr. parking area up to the big burmed section. Please remember that riding muddy trails is not acceptable. Also, dogs are to be leashed on Putt-putt until May1.

    The Sidewalk is dry also. The road is schetchy in spots and Hagen is not rideable. Hagen Highway is going to dry out in a week or so.

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