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EJ’s Trail Update 5-23-10

Submitted by Erik Jacobson – USFS

Hello everyone.  Here we go .  Another trail season is upon us.  Chris P., Galen, and I started this Monday on the FOP crew.  Tim Farris started about half of his Jackson Trail Crew on Monday as well.

We had a meeting on Monday and discussed the upcoming massive trail building summer ahead.  Tim Farris went over the schedule of the work crews during mid-June to mid July.  We discussed the trial projects that we want to tackle this summer.  In addition we discussed the public comments from the trails party.  We are using these public comments to make an FS Decision Memo on which trail projects the public liked and that we will do.

Tim Farris has scheduled a ton of workers for this summer.  He got an SCA crew for 20 days,and he got this crew for free!  Nice work Tim.  He also got the amazing St. Anthony’s work crew of 10 days.  This is a lot of labor coming at us.  My plan is to combine forces as much as we can and work with these crews.  It is important for quality control and we can make these crews even larger.  The SCA is a crew of 8 and St. Anthony’s is a crew of 20.  Here are the crew schedules.  We are booked solid for a month.  I want to tie in with these crews as much as we can, but we are definitely taking some days off especially around the 4th.

SCA                                   June 10-20 (day off on the 16th)

St. Anthony’s                      June 21-25
June 28 – July 2

SCA                                   July 1-11 (day off on the 7th)

The first project is going  to be Game Creek.  The SCA crew is going to be camped out there starting the 10th.  We will see how far we get.  The digging looks very easy, but there is a bunch to dig from the West Game cut-off to the Cache-Game divide.  There is also a lot of rehab work to do  I wish that the Cache-Game race wasn’t on the 21st.  I really can’t guarantee what they are going to get.  I’d like to push that race date back, but I don’t know if it is possible.  SCA should get a lot done by the 20th, but it would be quite ambitious to get the whole project done.

The St. Anthony’s crew is in on June 20th.  They are doing day trips.  I like to start a project and finish a project.  Therefor, if we are not done with Game Creek on the 20th: I’d like to finish it with St. Anthony’s.  Upon completion of Game Creek I’d like to take St. Anthony’s to Josie’s Ridge.  That project is not too big, 2000 ft.  It may take them a day or two. After that the St. Anthony’s crew starts on completing the Ridge Trail.

The SCA crew is back on July 1st, and they will be working on the Ridge Trail.  They are camping out again.  We actually have them doubled up with St. Anthony’s for two days, so there will be a couple of big dig days.  They dig almost straight through until the 11th.  Will we finish?  Once again that would be quite ambitious.  We will see what we get, re access, and take a deep breath.

A lot of comments came from the Party for Trails.  A lot of people commented against building a trail around the Hagen stairs and rebuilding Phillips Canyon as expected.  So many people commented against the Hagen Stairs that this project is not going to be able to happen.  We will fix the stairs as much as we can.  We are going to sit on the Phillips Canyon project for a year and come up with a solution for next year.  At the moment the idea is to fix up the Phillips Canyon trail as much as we can with some heavy maintenance.  The idea of an Arrow Connection to the Ridge trail was also tossed out there.

The big push for last week and the next couple of weeks is layout.  There is a lot to layout before the crews come in.  The Josie’s Ridge layout is done.  Chris P., Galen, and I did the layout on Monday and Wednesday.  The layout has been cleared and micro-pinned.  I will be digging with an eight-person Teton Science Crew on Sunday already on Josies Ridge.  We started Game Creek layout on Tuesday and Thursday.  Lloyd volunteered on Thursday and joined us as well.  Thanks Lloyd.  There is a lot of potential for a world-class trail up there.  It is a layout that we are going to have to spend some time on and get just right.  I want to get a lot of eyes on this one.  I really hope to get Harlan and Clay up there.  They are layout specialists and know the flow.  This trail really wants to flow.

Tim Farris’s Jackson Trial crew continues to help me out big time.  Since there is so much layout to do, I’m struggling to get to the maintenance and clearing of trees.  His crew put up the Snow King summer seasonal kiosk.  They also cleared the Putt-Putt and Hagen trail.  They reported that the lower Putt-Putt trail is open and dry.  Wet spots and patchy snow exist on the upper extension.  The Hagen Trail still has a lot of snow.  Tim’s crew also did drainage on the KC and Sink or Swim trail.  Thank-you Mike, Sarah, and Chris.  You are true champions of the people.

Have a nice week.
Erik Jacobson


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