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Game Creek Reconstruction Complete!

If you haven’t check out the new improvements on Game Creek you are missing out!  I apologize that I haven’t taken a photo up there, but I was having too much fun.  Thanks guys!  Here’s what EJ has for us:

Hello everyone.  Game Creek trail reconstruction is done.  An old user-created fall-line trail has been replaced by 9,000 feet of world-class trail.  That is almost two miles of new and improved trail.  The new reconstruction came out great.  There was still a good amount of moisture in the soils, and it really helped the new tread reach a good amount of compaction.  The SCA’s did a great job.  They, along with our help, dug a mile of this reroute.  They were a great bunch of kids and worked very hard.  Monday was their last day on the project.  We had 34 people digging in Game Creek that day with the combined forces of the SCA, Henry’s Fork Fire crew, and the FS/FOP crew all digging at once.  It was a big day, and 1,500 ft. was constructed.

We had the Henry’s Fork Fire crew again last week for four days.  This 20 person hand crew got the job done in their usual fashion.  They have been digging trail with us for a while now and really have it pretty figured out.  They dug a very nice looking product.  They constructed 3,600 ft. of trail and did roughly one mile of rehab work to the old trail.  The old trail has been fully rehabbed.  Hopefully it grows back quickly.  We really focused on the eroded sections of trail.  Many, many pickle buckets full of sod were put into these eroded sections.

Brandon Zimmerman wrote a nice article on the Game Creek project.  It was the top headline and article of the Jackson Hole News and Guide weekly Sports section.  The article gave the Game Creek project, the SCA’s, and the Wyoming Business Council Grant projects some great press.  Jenna Schoenfeld took some great photos of the SCA workers.  They were also the front page photo of Monday’s daily.  Thank-you Brandon and Jenna!

Walt Berling is back on the crew.  He continues to be a great motivator for the Henry’s Fork Fire crew.  He is an extremely hard worker working as the lead pulaski for much of the week.  He also provided coffee and bagels from Wilson Pearl Street Bagels two mornings.  The crew loves him and he is their mascot.  They call him “Sancho”.  FOP also provided milkshakes for the crew at the Victor Emporium on Friday.  Thank-you FOP and thank-you Sancho.  We know that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

Teton Helitack has already began construction on the lower Ridge trail.  They dug several days on the section after the BPA bridge.  Thank-you Chris P. for leading them out there and getting the crew lined out on Thursday.  Thank-you Trent Cherry for giving us your crew.

Walt Berling also had his first “Waldo Dig Day” of the season.  I am saving the section on the Ridge Trail before the BPA bridge for volunteers this summer.  He , Chris. P., Mike Welch, Tim Brown, and a volunteer started this construction on Friday.

We have the Henry’s Fork Fire crew again next week.  On Monday we will be working on Josie’s Ridge.  Tom Fortune of Snow King has allowed us to use the Snow King chairlift to transport the crew up on the ridge.  This is a nice access.  It will help keep the crew fresh for the digging.  If all goes well we should finish on Monday.  Then we are off to the Ridge Trail.  I plan to tie in the Hunt Trail section on Tuesday and to work on the lower section where Teton Helitack is working on Wednesday.

Have a nice week everyone.

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