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EJ’s SnowKing Update 7-10-10

On Monday we worked on the Josie’s Ridge Project with the Henry’s Fork Fire Crew. This awesome crew finished the project in one day! We rerouted a fall-line section of trail just after the K-mart switchbacks. The reroute totaled about 1,200ft. It was a project that we had wanted to do for 6 years, and it was completed in one day. The crew worked so fast that by l0 o’ clock we decided that the project was going to be finished shortly after lunch. Chris P. and Drew Kneeland charged down the hill to find more work. They found a nice reroute to do on the Sink or Swim trail. They didn’t have a saw to clear the reroute, but “No Worries Mate!”, as Chris P. says these days. Drew cleared the line like a grizzly bear ripping out brush and small trees by his claws and teeth. A nice 800 ft reroute was completed in little more than an hour.

Erik Jacobsen

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