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EJ’s Teton Pass Update 7-7-10

We had another huge week in the trail building world last week. On Friday we had a grand total of 42 diggers on the Ridge Trail with the FS/FOP trail crew, the Henry’s Fork Fire crew, the Student Conservation Association, and Waldo’s Nordic Diggers combining forces. That was a lot of workers in the woods! It was something to see.

On Tuesday we headed out to the Ridge Trail with the Henry’s Fork Fire Crew. We started up high and tied in the Hunt Trail section on Tuesday. It was a project that we started last year, but did not finish. The crew connected the dots, and now there shouldn’t be a question on how to find the Hunt Trail section.

Wed.-Fri. we worked with the Henry’s Fork Fire Crew on the lower Ridge Trail section after the BPA bridge as you head up-hill. Teton Helitack got a good start for us last week. It was nice to see that they had already busted out a bunch of brush, roots, and small trees. It was a huge boost and gave us a great start for Wednesday. The crew dug uphill and encountered very difficult digging. They called it the hardest that they seen. There were a lot of roots and rocks, and there wasn’t too much good dirt to work with. By the end of the day the crew started a long side hill section, and that is where they found the “red gold”. They found some great red soil. We brought out a couple of wheelbarrows on Thursday and used this good soil to fill in several rough sections of trail. We also worked the long side hill section, and a beautiful wide bench was constructed. On Friday we had the large force of 42 workers on the trail. We built a whole bunch of trail and made a nice connection to the road for the weekend. Over a mile of trail was constructed in just three days.

Waldo set up a great Pica’s dinner for the Henry’s Fork Fire Crew at the end of the day on Friday. The crew loved it and truly deserved it. It is the best that they eat all year. Thanks Waldo for setting this up and motivating the crew. Thank-you to all of Waldo’s donators-
Jim Verdone, Andy Olpin’s friend, and others.

Randy Roberts is back in the woods working hard. You can definitely tell when he is out there working. The woods suddenly get a lot louder. Thanks for keeping it fun Randy.

The Student Conservation Association worked the Ridge trail through the holiday weekend. They continued to work uphill, and made two more connections to the road. They are a good bunch of kids, and they have been working hard. Teton Helitack continued to work on the Ridge Trail last week and through the holiday weekend. I thank them for all their help.

This Tuesday the SCA’s made the connection to what we are calling “Shock Treatment”. This section really wants to be built by a mini-excavator. We have skipped this section for now and headed uphill to a section after the Hunt Trail. It should turn out to be a great section of trail. Galen did a great job with the layout in there.

Have a nice week.
Erik Jacobsen

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