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EJ’s Update – Teton Pass 8-20-10

Hello everyone.  The History Trail reconstruction project is now complete as of last Tuesday morning.  We spent last Monday putting on the final touches.  We also did a massive brushcut on most of the trail.  It is amazing how well the vegetation is growing this summer.  The History Trail is in a very dense and lush area.  Due to good growing conditions and lack of use, the trail was getting quite grown in.  We brushcut up to the upper turnpikes and then all the way down to the trailhead.  Now we just need to get folks using this trail.  I think it is our best horse and hike trail.

Now all of our focus is on the completion of the Ridge Trail.  This has been one massive project.  We are in the third year of construction here.  We, of course, saved the hardest for last; “Shock Treatment”.  I think you all know where I’m talking about.  What is it going to take to dig tough area?  I’m talking machinery. I’ve been talking about it a long time, and my dream is going to finally come true.  A 305 CAT mini-excavator will be delivered to the trailhead on Monday Aug. 23rd.  Drew Kneeland will walk the machine up to the work site and begin to dig this final piece of the Ridge trail on Monday.  We are leasing the machine for a month, and I believe by Sept.17th we have a very good chance at completing all the major tread work of the Ridge Trail.  We are going to have to have a celebration.

The Ridge Trail is going to be an epic.  We are estimating its length to be 9 miles from Hwy 22 to Fish Creek Rd.  Coach to Coach the loop is 18 miles.  It has been a lot of hard work, but the payoff is going to be immense.

This week we are clearing the final layout for “Shock Treatment”.  I found a brushsaw blade with actual saw teeth on it.  It works amazingly well in this jungle of willows, moose brush, and mountain maple.  There is still work left to do in the “Middle Earth” section.  Some of this section will most likely be done with the mini-excavator.

Have a nice week.

Erik Jacobson

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