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EJ’s Teton Pass Trail Update 9-26-10

Hello everyone. We had our last week with the 305 CAT mini excavator. I’m really going to miss it. It did one hell of a job, and got the job done on the Ridge Trial. It turned a nearly impossible project into a reality. The Ridge Trail is finally done after three years of construction. A few minor touch-ups and two more switchbacks remain, but for the most part she is a done deal. The Ridge Trail is already a Jackson “classic”. Thanks to all who worked on this massive project.

This week we did some rerouting on the upper Hunt Trail section of the Ridge Trail. It was nice to get the machine into some easier terrain and to see what it really could do. On Tuesday Drew and the machine dug 1,300 ft. of trail. Continuing our discussion about Man vs.s Machine, this is about what we were getting in good terrain with the 20 person con crew. When you talk about the cost of a machine vs.s the cost of the cons the machine is definitely winning. The new reroute came out very nice. Take a little time the next time you ride the trail and do some sight seeing on this section’s one and only corner. There are great views of the Sleeping Indian and also of the crags on the Wilson Faces.

The trial crew worked on a Pathways project for the first time this Thursday. Drew and the machine dug a mile of Pathway on HWY 22 between Hardeman and Seaton Lane in Wilson. We hired a roller for a couple of hours, and a pretty darn nice dirt pathway was created. I’ve already seen bikers and horse riders on the trail. It will be a much safer way for the kids to ride to school. We do still need to build a bridge just before Hardeman Lane. I bet the trail crew can figure it out.

On Friday we moved some rocks at the exit of the new Candyland trail. This was done in an effort to send the downhill riders uphill onto the Old Pass road slowing folks down. It was a great idea of Harlan’s creating a multi-use solution.

Thank-you this week’s volunteers, Tom Davidson and Meagan Hill.

Have a nice week.

Erik Jacobson

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