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EJ’s Update – Skyline Trail – 10-10-10

We had a trial crew field trip two Mondays ago.  We investigated the feasibility of building the Skyline trail.  This is the proposed trail that runs east on the Snow King ridge connecting the top of Ferrin’s to the Cache/Game divide.  It was a beautiful hike with full Fall colors and amazing views.  If built this trail will be the new “Crown Jewel” of the GSKA.  The Ridge has some amazing varying terrain to work with including flat meadows, knife edges, tree’d North faces, open South faces, crags, hoodoos, and elevation drops and gains.  Is it going to be easy?  Nothing is ever easy in trail building.  Is it possible.  Anything is possible, especially with the all-star crew we assembled this year.  Along with the varying terrain there are some very easy sections of trail to build and some very difficult sections of trail to build.  There are many different solutions to how the trail could be designed.  The are several things we know about the build.  The build is going to be remote and some of it is going to be difficult.  With this in mind I’m leaning toward a machine built trail.  This trail is going to be long, 5-7 miles.  This trail is going to be expensive, but this trail is going to be awesome.

Erik Jacobson


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