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Snow Biking for the Rest of Us!

We’ve all heard about Jay & Tracy’s epic 1,100 mile snow bike rides in Alaska.  And if you are trying to figure out the best methods to ride in -40F temperatures you need only to ask Dave Byers.  But, if you’re like me (andy) – and you know you are never going to pass Beer League status in the Jackson Hole race circuit – there are great rides for us too!  Here’s one:


Destination: Granite Hot Springs

Trailhead: Granite Hot Springs TH – 12 miles past Hoback Junction on US Highway 191

Gear List: Swimsuit, Pack Towel, Water, Food, Beer


This is a fantastic way to spend a day with a friend or loved one.  Pick up a few bikes from Fitzy’s, grab a couple of sandwiches from Backcountry Provisions (they even have a veggie called the Hot Springs), snag a six pack – and jump in the car.  It takes all of half an hour to get to the Granite Hot Springs TH.  From there you enjoy a mellow 10 mile ride that takes a couple of hours, at a very leisurely, picture taking pace (it took us 2 hours and 15 minutes).  They have everything you need – picnic tables, toilets, changing rooms and fantastic natural hot springs with unbelievable views.  They do sell bottled water, if you need it. Soak in the hot springs for an hour or 2, enjoy a few brews, then have a blast on the downhill ride back to the car (took us an hour and a half).  What’s nice about this ride is that the trails are well maintained and traveled.  You are riding to a destination.  And the return is downhill – all while choosing an eco-friendly alternative to a snow machine.


Costs per Person:

  • Snow Bike Rental – $39
  • Backcountry Provisions Sandwich – $8
  • Hot Springs Fee – $6
  • PBR – $3
  • TOTAL – $56 for a great day!

3 Responses to “Snow Biking for the Rest of Us!”

  1. Dave says:

    I would like to add that you should NOT attempt to save yourself time by riding to and from the hot springs in just your Speedo. This would be a snow biking faux pas and you will scare the tourists.

  2. Chris E. says:

    PBR—- Really?!?

  3. Andy says:

    If you can it, I will ride it.

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