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The Push for Snowbiking in Yellowstone

More people are pushing for snow biking in the Nation Parks than we thought!  The Drunk Cyclist started a huge thread about the issue.

“In my opinion if snowmobiles, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing is allowed, bikes should be allowed as well.  The greater issue should be more about making sure that everyone’s safety is top concern, and there are minimal chances of crashes and near crashes between snowmobiles and bicycles.  However, my opinion is seldom correct, or presented in a well written manner.  For that I offer you a link to an opinion piece written by Mr. Scott Fitzgerald who owns Fitzgeralds Bicycles in Jackson, WY, and has played a large role in the cycling-centric development of Victor, ID. If the link doesn’t work, check out this blog posting to see the article. Feel free to share your opinion, and remember, try to place nice.”

What do YOU think?  Should it be allowed?

2 Responses to “The Push for Snowbiking in Yellowstone”

  1. I am curious if there has been any resolution on this issue? I am looking at coming to Yellowstone this winter and would love to Snow Bike it?



  2. Andy says:

    No FAIR resolution yet. In due time we hope to be riding in the National Parks around here, but that time has not yet come. There are, however, plenty of great trails around Jackson and Victor to ride on in the winter!

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