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Trail Updates by the Friends of Pathways

Trail Report, June 13, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area

Greater Snow King Area
FOP crews dug drainage on Putt-Putt and worked on some new seeping areas.  They worked on re-benching some sections of Josie’s and re-vegging braided sections of the trail.  They also finished the Cache Creek Sidewalk extension begun on National Trails Day, which connects the Sidewalk to bridge 3, allowing people to use the Sidewalk to bypass the Hagen stairs.

Trails on Snow King that are free of snow include Putt-Putt, Cache Creek Sidewalk, Hagen River, Hagen 2 Track, High Hagen, Sink or Swim, KC, Linda’s, Flat Creek, and Josie’s Ridge.

Ferrins Trail – the trail to the meadows is open and provides a great out and back. The entire trail should be open by this weekend.

West Game – This canyon may be open by the coming weekend, but there is a good bit of water everywhere.

Cache Creek Trail above Hagen and Putt-Putt – This is still a mess, but by the weekend we should be looking to be clear of snow to Bridge 6 (Cache/Game Bridge).

GSKA Notes:
You will notice bridges in Cache Creek are now numbered just in case they get washed away. If you see a bridge floating away, please let FOP or the USFS know!

The Cache/Game mountain bike race may be moved back a few weeks (it was scheduled for June 22). Please check with Teton County Parks and Rec for more info.

Munger Mountain Area:
Forest Service crews have been clearing the trails at Munger Mountain and also up Cabin Creek. They are working on the bridge in Rock Creek Meadow and have installed new trail signs throughout the area.

The Munger Trails – Rock Cr., Tusky Ridge, Poison Cr., Cosmic Carols, and Wally World – are free of snow.

Teton Pass Area:
Trail crews will be working from Crater Lake to the Phillips Connection today to take out timber and access conditions.  Right now the whole pass is in snow above the Crater Lake level but this is going to change quickly.

Parallel Trail – is fully open (big thanks to the Teton Freedom Riders for their work on this!).

Baby moose are now appearing in the lower Teton Pass Area. Please use caution as Momma Moose may not be in the mood to deal with you or your dog.

Finally, please remember that if mud is piling up on your shoes or tires or horses the trails are too wet to use.  Be Responsible!  Summer is coming (eventually); just be a little patient so the trails will be in good shape for the whole season.

Pathways Report, June 13, 2011
All pathways are open – clear of snow, gravel, and debris!  Users may encounter some areas of gravel in certain locations after rainstorms, but the whole system is swept weekly, and scheduled for the first seasonal mow in the next few weeks.

Users should remember to keep their dogs under control – dogs are required on leashes within the Town of Jackson, pick up after their dogs using mutt-mitt bags, and place the used mutt-mitt bags in the trash cans.  Walkers, rollers, and riders should stay to the right, allowing two-way traffic, announce their approaches from behind, and signal all intentions, including changes of direction.

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about maintenance and safety conditions on pathways and trails at, or call 733-4534.

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