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Teton Pass & 1% for the Tetons

If you care about the sustainability of our Teton Pass Trails you need to check this out!  Below is a portion of an application that the Friends of Pathways presented – which is a finalist of the 1% for the Tetons Grant.  You can help by donating!

The Sustainable Trails Partnership is a collaborative project that brings public, nonprofit, community, and business resources together to restore and improve five miles of trails in the Bridger- Teton National Forest for hiking, running, mountain biking, and horse riding.

The project focuses on Teton Pass, one of the most heavily used trail systems on the forest, intimately connected to the Jackson community and highly accessible to the visiting public. The work proposed would revitalize unsustainable existing trails while enhancing the new trail networks that have been constructed on Teton Pass over the past five years.

Trails are a fundamental component of Jackson Hole’s community and tourism infrastructure and an important component of the high quality of life enjoyed in northwest Wyoming. At the same time, sustainable well-designed trails are essential to protect National Forest resources and public land values. In Teton County, trails provide the community and its visitors with important recreation and public land access options, and participating in trail activities are near the top of the list for visitors to Jackson Hole each year. With 2.2 million visits annually, the Bridger-Teton is among the top twenty most visited National Forests, comparable with the San Bernadino National Forest in California and the Wenatchee National Forest near Seattle. Locally, trails on Teton Pass are among the most visited and important public land trails in Jackson Hole, and are increasingly a draw to national and international visitors.

The Sustainable Trails Partnership will repair and restore five miles of trails on Teton Pass that are the top priorities identified by the Forest Service, leveraging an additional five miles of trail restoration programed for 2011 as part of the Wyoming Business Council trail grant, and leveraging substantial repairs to the Old Pass Road as part of a Silver Star Cable Project.

The proposed projects to be accomplished with this 1%T Grant:

1. Teton Pass Ridge Trail to Mount Elly: Repair and reroute unsustainable sections, 1-mile of multi-use trail along the summit ridge south of Teton Pass.

2. Crater Trail: Repair and reconstruct trail damaged by run off, 1-mile of multi-use trail below Crater Lake, portions of which follow the Old Wagon Road on Teton Pass.

3. Ski Lake Trail: Repair and improve damaged drainage and improve trail alignment, 2-miles of hiker/horse trail to provide quality opportunities for these user groups.

4. History connection to Phillips: Reestablish the historic horse trail, 1/2 mile along the Old Pass Road, to provide a horse-friendly connection from the History Trail to the Phillips and Ski Lake trails and to the Teton Crest Trail.

5. Candyland Trail: Complete technical trail features to create a fully connected freeride trail system of Jimmy’s Mom, Fuzzy Bunny, Powerline Jumps, and Parallel Trails that will separate users and reduce conflicts between downhill bike users and other users.

Plus these Leveraged interconnected Teton Pass Trail projects:

A. Phillips Canyon Trail: Major repair and restoration of this popular trail as part of a Wyoming Business Council funded project, 5-miles of multi-use trail for all users.

B. Silver Star Cable Project – Old Pass Road Repairs: Cleaning of 3.5 miles of drainage ditch, replacement asphalt on four switchback corners, sweeping the old road, and provision for weed control for next 2-years.

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