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Friends of Pathways Trails Report

June 20th Report

Below you will find today’s trails and pathways report for Jackson Hole. Friends of Pathways and the Forest Service have trail crews out on the systems daily, working hard on trail maintenance and construction. Friends of Pathways also works with Jackson Hole Community Pathways and Teton County Parks and Recreation to ensure pathways are swept and safe.

Trail Report, June 20, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area
Last week Friends of Pathways’ crews dug drainage on Hagen, Crater, and Lower History trails – all of which are free of snow and passable with a few muddy seeps to walk around. They also improved the bottom section of the Ridge Trail, which is clear of snow up to the berm section (with a few seeps to walk around). The Forest Service crew finished the Rock Creek bridge at Munger, connecting the motorized trailhead to all of the trails there, which are open and clear of snow.

Friday’s volunteer day had a good turnout with volunteers working on the new “Wiggle” section which will connect the Cache Creek Sidewalk up to Putt Putt. Teton Science Schools “Roads Scholars” (pictured above) worked with trail crews this morning on that same section.

The Snow King and Cache Creek area trails are riding well. The Ferrins saddle meadow is almost free of snow and Wilson Canyon is snow-free with several seeping muddy sections to avoid. Josie’s Ridge is totally clear of snow except for a 5 foot section of snow near the very top.

The Cache/Game mountain bike race has been postponsed. Please check with Teton County Parks and Rec for more info.
Baby moose are now appearing in the lower Teton Pass Area. Please use caution as Momma Moose may not be in the mood to deal with you or your dog.

Finally, please remember that if mud is piling up on your shoes or tires or horses the trails are too wet to use.  Be Responsible!  Summer is coming (eventually); just be a little patient so the trails will be in good shape for the whole season.

Pathways Report, June 20, 2011
All pathways are open – clear of snow, gravel, and debris!  Users may encounter some areas of gravel in certain locations after rainstorms, but the whole system is swept weekly, and scheduled for the first seasonal mow in the next few weeks.

Minor construction and landscaping near the Hidden Ranch Tunnel on the Garaman Pathway this week and next.

Asphalt patching on the Paul Merritt (S 89) Pathway between High School Road and South Park Loop Road is expected to begin in the next week or so.

Pathways will remain open during construction/maintenance, but users should exercise caution when passing through construction areas. Users should remember to keep their dogs under control – dogs are required on leashes within the Town of Jackson, pick up after their dogs using mutt-mitt bags, and place the used mutt-mitt bags in the trash cans.  Walkers, rollers, and riders should stay to the right, allowing two-way traffic, announce their approaches from behind, and signal all intentions, including changes of direction.

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about maintenance and safety conditions on pathways and trails at, or call 733-4534.

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