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VIP ATM’s in GTNP for Pathway Users!

Before the casinos can be developed in Grand Teton National Park they have to implement a series of ATM machines.  If you’re a bicyclist/pathway user you get to use the VIP ATM that they are putting right on the pathway!  Apparently these machines are also used to collect park usage fees, which are worth every penny you put into the cause.  Ok forget about the casino thing, I just found out that’s not scheduled until 2056… ATM machines at Grand Teton Nation Park will be guiding us through the pathway entrance at GTNP.   A friendly reminder from the folks at GTNP:

A new self-serve machine (similar to an ATM) is now in place near the Moose
Entrance Station kiosks for the collection of entry fees from people using
the pathway–regardless of the mode of travel.  Visitors and locals who
travel the pathway by hiking, bicycling or roller-blading will be required
to pay an entrance fee, just as vehicles are required to do.  Pathway users
are advised to carry their park permit, or stop and pay the 7-day entrance
permit of $12 for pedestrian and/or bicycle access.

If  bicyclists opt to travel on the Teton Park Road with vehicles, they
will also be required to stop at the Moose Entrance Station and show their
permit before proceeding into the park.

Periodically, Grand Teton staff will perform audits on the pathway to check
for fee compliance.  Unlike vehicles, there are no stickers for bikes, so
the audit will serve as verification that pathway visitors have the
requisite entrance permit.

Anyone using the park pathway from Moose to South Jenny Lake must bring
their park pass with them, or stop at the automated fee machine and pay
with cash or credit card.

Entrance fees on the pathway are $12 for 7 days for an individual on foot,
bicycle, rollerblades, or other non-motorized equipment.  A family
(immediate household of mother/father/children under 21) can pay $25 for 7
days.  The annual park pass for Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks
is $50, and annual passes for all federal land agencies cost $80.

We welcome pathway enthusiasts and look forward to a safe and enjoyable
2011 season.


Robert A. Vogel
Deputy  Superintendent
Grand Teton National Park and
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway

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