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FoP: Trail and Pathways Report

July 20th Report & Project Updates

Below you will find today’s trails and pathways report for Jackson Hole. Friends of Pathways and the Forest Service have trail crews out on the systems daily, working hard on trail maintenance and construction. Friends of Pathways also works with Jackson Hole Community Pathways and Teton County Parks and Recreation to ensure pathways are swept and safe.

Trail Report, July 20, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area

All Greater Snow King Area, Munger Mountain, and Teton Pass Area trails are now open. Seasonal maintenance continues. 

Arrow to Phillips is rideable and 99% snow free, but do be aware of the trench near the creek crossing at the bottom where the high water caused damage. Blacks is now snow free; the Ridge Trail is riding well as are the lower downhill trails. The Jumps Trail reroute is finished and the Teton Freedom Riders – as part of the JH Trails Project – are working on the bottom part of the Fuzzy Bunny Trail, which is closed halfway down during construction.

Trails Projects, Summer 2011:

  • Wiggle (GSKA) – Complete for the season.
  • Cache Creek Sidewalk – Complete for the season.
  • Hage Reroute, Bridge 4&5 – Complete for the season.
  • Turnpike repair to be completed this season on Hagen between Bridge 3-4, Salt Lick Draw and Gin Pole Draw on Putt-Putt. These projects will be completed in mid-August.
  • Game Creek – Almost 200 hours have been spent on GC in an attempt to restore the trail and remove the water. Work is complete for the season.
  • Phillips Ridge Trail – Work is just starting on maintenance. Folks should note that parts of this project are less than a year ld and work will continue.
  • Phillips Canyon – Crews will be in there for the remainder of the season to complete sight distance, tread widening, fall zone and two to three bridges.
  • Blacks is cleared, work will be forth coming and will continue for the season.
  • Powerline Jump Trail will be finished this week and should be open and good to go very soon.
  • Kiosks – Crews are in the process of building six new kiosks for the Teton Pass and Greater Snow King Areas. This will take the rest of July.
  • Ski Lake is getting a face lift; 12 workers will be in there for the week.
  • Tunnel Trail – scheduled to be started on August 1st, with machinery. This project is estimated to take two weeks and should be open September 1st.
Crews and volunteers are working hard daily, addressing problem areas first and then moving to trail improvements as needed. Please be patient, send in your observations, and come out and help – Friday AM’s have now moved to the Teton Pass Area (meet at the Stagecoach at 8am).

Pathways Report, July 20, 2011
Pathways will be installing a “pathway travel lane” for users on the North 89 pathway south of the Fish Hatchery Road. There is an unfinished section of pathway just south of the Fish Hatchery, and pathway users are required to use the highway shoulder between the completed sections. Traffic delineators will be placed on the shoulder to separate pathway users from motor vehicles. The “travel lane” will be in place until the pathway is completed later this summer.

Routine seasonal maintenance on pathways continues.  TC Parks & Rec has been focusing on weekly sweeping, sightline improvements (branch and hedge trimming), and trimming around safety signage. Fortunately, only minor flooding was seen in limited areas, and warning signs are up on those pathways. Sealcoating will begin in early August.
As the system sees more use every day – especially with kids out of school and on pathways often – please remember your ‘Respect & Responsibility’ code, and consider the safety and enjoyment of all users.  Pathways are mult-directional, multi-use, and walkers, runners, cyclists, rollers, and skaters all have the same rights and responsibilities while using these amenities.  Please announce yourself from behind when overtaking other users, yield to the younger and more inexperienced, stay to the right, and always remember to pick up after your dogs!  Additionally, please remember that on Town pathways, dogs are required to be on a leash – not just under voice control.’

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about maintenance and safety conditions on pathways and trails at, or call 733-4534.

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