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FOP Pathways Report, August 30th, 2011

All pathways are open for use and we ask you to please remember your ‘Respect & Responsibility’ code, and consider the safety and enjoyment of all users.  Pathways are mult-directional, multi-use, and walkers, runners, cyclists, rollers, and skaters all have the same rights and responsibilities while using these amenities.  Please announce yourself from behind when overtaking other users, yield to the younger and more inexperienced, stay to the right, and always remember to pick up after your dogs!  Additionally, please remember that on Town pathways, dogs are required to be on a leash – not just under voice control.’

The third round of mowing is set to commence soon.

Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about maintenance and safety conditions on pathways and trails at, or call 733-4534.

County Continues Work on South Park Loop Bridges, Road Closure near Melody Ranch
On August 15th, Teton County began construction work to replace the existing South Park Loop Road Bridge over Flat Creek near Melody Ranch. This project will require closure of the South Park Loop Road in the vicinity of Melody Ranch for the entire 4-month construction period. Concurrent with the road bridge project, the County will also begin construction of a new pathway bridge over Flat Creek adjacent to South Park Loop Road. The bridges will be operational and South Park Loop Road will re-open by mid-December. To read the complete press release, click here.

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