Team Spotlight: Dave Bergart

Dave Bergart Post Race

This week we’re putting the spotlight on Dave Bergart (and, no, not everyone on the team is named Dave) who has been on the Fitzgerald’s Bicycles team since the beginning.  Dave is an important part of Victor Velo, a group dedicated to promoting the economic development of Victor, Idaho through providing robust cycling opportunities.  Called Bergie by his teammates, I chatted with him about why he loves the Run & Ride, his obsession with Ok Go and trying out LOTOJA on a tandem.

SKH:  What does being on the Fitzgerald’s Team mean to you?

Bergie:  I like sharing a common passion with my teammates – cycling.  We have fun riding together and I enjoy the being on a team.  I also think its cool lining up at the start line of a race and looking around at lots of other orange and green Fitzy kits.

SKH:  What kind of riding do you do?

Bergie:  Pretty much everything.  I ride road, mountain, cross, snow bike, but right now most of my time in on the commuter bike – I ride over the pass to work.

Dave Bergart

SKH:  What’s your favorite ride?

Bergie: Around the Block, but I am also really enjoying riding Rush Hour.

SKH:  Why are you riding in this weekend’s Run & Ride?

Bergie:  I’ve been doing this race for a long time – it’s a fun, local race with great energy and a great cause.  Both my parents are cancer survivors so I’ve seen first hand what cancer can do to a family.  The Run & Ride raises money for St John’s Medical Center Foundation for the Cancer Patient Support Fund.  All the money raised helps cancer patients and their families with expenses that insurance might not cover – like travel to treatments.  These expenses can be substantial, so every little bit can really help a family.

Run and Ride

By the way:  Dave’s girlfriend, Katie Engleman, told me that Dave’s going to win this year’s Run & Ride.   The gauntlet is thrown down…. so, no pressure Dave!

SKH: What is your race schedule for the summer?

Bergie: I am racing the Boise 9 to 5, the Crusher in the Tushar, Pierre’s Hole, the Targhee Hill Climb and LOTOJA on a tandem with Katie Engleman.

SKH:  What song gets stuck in your head on a long ride?

Bergie:  I have been singing that OK GO song alot.

SKH:  What have you purchased from Fitzgerald’s that you can’t ride without?

Bergie:  There  are quite a few of my favorite things that I’ve gotten from Fitzy’s:  my Showers Pass rain jacket, the Arione Saddle – which is on all my bikes, and my Clement tires.

SKH:  What’s your favorite post ride treat?

Bergie:  I make an amazing shake with Chocolate Recoverite, half milk and half water.   And I really like Jannine’s Recoverite shakes from the Nine Bar.

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  1. Jeff-the-Ref says:

    Go Bergie, Go!!

    M & D

    PS Do you need a soigneur for LOTOJA?

  2. Dave Byers says:

    Great spotlight this week guys! LOTOJA on a tandem…I love it!

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