Team Spotlight: Wes Hamilton

Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team Member Wes Hamilton just completed the first half of his season racing lots of crits.  While he took a breather before launching into the rest of his race season, Wes took a few minutes to talk about  hot laps on Victor’s cross course, how he got hooked on the Scott Addict CX and why the joker keeps him going:

Wes Hamilton

SKH:  When did you join the team?

WH:  This is my first year with the team.  I rode a bit with the team last year during the cross season, but this is my first official year.

SKH:  Why did you join Fitzgerald’s Team?

WH:  I got to know the team mainly from their support at the cross races.  It didn’t seem to really matter if you were tearing it up, or brand new to the sport, they gave mad props to everyone.  I made a decision then and there that if the opportunity came up, that was the only team I wanted to ride with.  Everyone, regardless of their level, is supported by this team and that is the vibe that keeps us all going.

SKH:  What type of riding do you do?

WH:  My main focus is Cyclocross, but I do some criterium racing and a few MTB races during the spring and summer to get into shape.  To me, cross is the real motivation, and Victor is really ground zero for the cross scene in this area.

SKH:  What’s your favorite ride?

Wes at Victor Velo's Cyclocross Races

WH:  Hot laps on Victor Velo’s permanent cross course!!!  I also really enjoy Rush Hour on my cross bike, and for a purely beautiful ride, you can’t beat the ride up to Targhee.

SKH:  Tell me about your most recent races?

WH:  I’ve just finished the first half of my season, primarily racing crits in Alabama, Salt Lake City and two weekends ago in Idaho Falls.  This is my first year really training again, so it’s been just getting back up to speed in order to be ready for the cross season.  The guys at Eagle Rock Cycling in I.F. put together a series of training crits leading up to the Alan Bulter Memorial Criterium this past weekend.  I was able to race two of the training races and cap it off with a strong showing with fellow Fitzy team member David Connor at the Alan Butler Memorial.

SKH:  What’s next?

WH:  I get to chill out for the next few weeks before its team to gear up for September (and cross season), so I’ll be doing the Targhee Hill Climb and the Super D Race at the Wydaho Rendezvous in two weeks.  The whole team should be in town for this one, so I’m really looking forward to a fun weekend with the team.

SKH:  What do you put on your stem to get you through a race?

WH:  My stem cap is a picture of the “joker” from a poker card to remind me when the time comes, you go “ALL IN!”

SKH:  Do you have any superstitions for race day?

WH:  There is something about the way I have to put my shoes on.  I don’t even do it the same every time, but I’m always paranoid about my shoes.  They have to be just right before I take off.

SKH:  What song get stuck in your head on long rides?

WH:  ”Dirty Business”  from Widespread Panic.  I guess that’s ’cause on most rides, I’d rather be rolling around in the mud on a cross bike course!

SKH:  What’s your favorite post ride treat?

WH:  That’s easy, Pako’s IPA from Snake River Brewing.  The ultimate in recovery aid.

SKH:  What have you purchased from Fitzgerald’s that you can’t ride without?

WH:  Again, very easy.  My Scott Addict CX! I’ve been riding for almost 25 years, and I’ve ridden numerous bikes in those years, but Scott easily makes the best bikes on the planet.  I’ve always wanted one, and when Fitzgerald’s became the exclusive dealer for Scott in the area, the boys at the shop sized me up and now I can’t keep my hands off it at  (my wife is even a bit jealous, HA!)!

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