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Old Pass Road Update

Jim Verdone, Team Jackson Hole member and driver of the Old Pass Road Project, just sent us this update:

Old Pass Road

It has been two weeks since the asphalt work was completed on the Old Pass Road (OPR), and I am just now finding time to put this update together. I hope that you have had a chance to get up on the OPR and check out the work that was done. The crew from Evans Construction, Mike Piker and myself put in two and a half long days to get the work completed. A lot was accomplished through your support and the generosity of all of our donors. We have now reached our fundraising goal thanks to all the donations received small and large. Here is a short summary of what was accomplished;

  • 36,000 sf of 2″ thick asphalt mat overlay which resulted in 3,300 lf of pathway 10 to 12 feet wide
  • 8,000 sf of asphalt leveling course
  • clean out of the drainage ditch on the uphill side of the road from top to bottom
  • weed control from top to bottom
  • vegetation removal from road surface
  • rotary broom sweep from top to bottom

There will be some ongoing work to help improve drainage on the downhill side of the road to help reduce debris from washing across the roadway along with signage and shoulder work.

The drainage work, weed spraying and sweeping will need to be ongoing maintenance items as the ditch fills in from runoff, the weeds come back and debris falls on the roadway. The recent rain storms have already highlighted how quick things can fill in. We will continue to accept donations to be applied to ongoing maintenance if you would like to contribute or know of others who might.

Stay posted for an update on a celebration party to come.

Many thanks


Thanks Jim, Mike, Evans Construction and all those who donated to the project.   Now let’s get out there and ride!

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