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Team Spotlight: Dave Saurman

This week we chat with Dave “Sourdude” Saurman.    Dave, a long time Fitzy team rider, chats with us about his Pierre’s Hole race, lucky socks and a bracelet that keeps him from whining.


Dave at the Galena Grinder

Dave at the Galena Grinder

SKH:   How long have you been riding with the Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team?

DS:  I have ridden on the Fitzy team at least 5 years now if not 6?

SKH:  Why did you join the team?

DS:  I was invited to join the team and felt honored to be part of the best team in town.  I have been loyal to “my shop” since I started going there in the old shop in the back of the Brew Pub and never gave any thought to any other team.   I was psyched to ride for Fitzy’s.  I love being on the team because we have a great group.  My teammates are awesome and get me excited to ride and race.  And we have great parties with good beer.

SKH:  What kind of riding do you do?

DS:  I ride mountain bikes – mostly cross country – but I also ride road bikes, cyclocross and snow bikes.  I race all of the above too.

Dave racing at the Victor Cross Course

SKH:  What’s your favorite ride?

DS:  Boy that is a tough one.  I love “my Redtop” rides as they are the trails I work on and maintain so I have personal pride in them, but I love riding in Fruita, Colorado,  St. George, Utah and the The Cream Puff trails in Oregon.

SKH:  Tell me about Pierre’s Hole?

DS:  Ahh, Pierre’s Hole.  Love that race.  First it is a local race, and second I seem to do well.  I have raced the 50 miler every year since its inception 4 years ago and have stood on the podium every year in the 45+ category.  First year, 1st place.  Second year, 1st place.  Third year, 4th place (part of the NUE series and a large field and they went 5 deep on the podium).  Fourth year (this year), 4th place (and they changed the category from 45+ to 40+ to be consistent with the NUE).  I was the oldest guy in the class at 49 and still did well with over 30 in the category.  I was very psyched, and had a good clean race.  Overall it went as good as one could expect.  No flats, no mechanicals, no bonks.   Was dusty and hard to see especially on the first lap down Mill Creek, but good fun.  Plus all my buddies do the race.   Tons of Fun.

SKH:  What’s next?

DS:  My next race is the Park City Point 2 Point.  Getting ramped up.  Note:  Last year was the worst race of my life.  This year I hope to kill it!

SKH:  Do you have any superstitions?

DS:  I just try and wear my lucky socks.  The ones with the 4 leaf clover.

SKH:  What is your mantra?

DS:  My Mantra was given to me by Dave Byers.  It is on my wrist as a black rubber bracelet and says “HARDEN THE *UCK UP!”  So when I get whiny, I look down at that and try to go harder and not woose out.

SKH:  What song gets stuck in your head when riding?

Moose Cross

DS:  I have all kinds of songs going though my head.  I don’t ride with music, but if a BAD song gets stuck there, I have a “Go To” song I start singing to get going.   “Brown Eyed Women”  by the Grateful Dead.  Always works.

SKH:  What is your favorite post ride treat?

DS:   Well, I always like my R4 Recovery Drink, but I eat whatever.

SKH:  What have you gotten from Fitzy’s that you can’t ride without?

DS:  Probably my BIKE.  I am in LOVE with my bike.  My Scott Spark RC FS 29er is by far the best bike I have ever ridden.  I usually sleep with my bike.

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