Team Spotlight: Katie Engleman

Katie Takes on the Victor Cyclocross Course

This week we spoke with Katie Engleman about the upcoming cyclocross season, riding LOTOJA on a tandem and the hardest (and best) ride in Teton Valley.

SKH:   How long have you been on the Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team?

KE:  This is my third season.

SKH:  Why did you join and what do you like best about being on the team?

KE:  A few years ago I started getting more competitively into biking.  I thought it would be a good way to integrate into the racing scene and meet other racers.  I love the team because its jam-packed full of great people and incredible athletes.  When we all get together we just talk about biking, its dorky, and awesome.

SKH:  What kind of riding do you do?

KE:   Road, Mountain, Cross.  I used to do a lot of road biking but have been using the road bike more for commuting this year.  I’ve spent a lot more time on my mountain bike this year than ever before.

SKH:  What is your favorite ride?

KE:  Favorite and least favorite—Coined the Idaho Hill Torture by fellow Fitzy Team Rider Anna Davis– From Victor its up Teton Pass, then up Pinecreek and then up Targhee.  Sometimes I throw in Cedron loop too if I’m feeling crazy.  You have to do Pinecreek before Targhee or you won’t do it at all, its a fact.

SKH:  You’ve had great results this season with Boise 9-5 and the Crusher in the Tushar.   What has been your favorite race so far & why?

KE:  Hmm, both of those were really tough.  The 9-5 was adverse weather conditions, to say the least, and the Crusher was just really, really hard.  I guess I’d have to go with the Crusher because the race organization and support was incredible.  I felt well taken care of out there, even through all the suffering.  Don’t be fooled by my results though,  I may have finished first in my age category but there were plenty of older ladies that kicked my butt.

SKH:  You are riding LOTOJA on a tandem with Bergie (Fitzy Team Rider and fiance, Dave Bergart)  in the next few weeks.  How has training for that race been going?  Why did you both decide to ride LOTOJA together?

KE:  Training??? Umm, we went for a long ride a few weeks ago only to find out that riding a tandem is really hard.  I guess we’ve decided to leave the rest for race day.   We decided to do it mostly because I forced Berg into thinking that it would be a good idea.  Hopefully the wedding still on after the race is over.

SKH:  Tell us about riding on the tandem?

KE:  Riding the tandem is so different than any other kind of biking.  The best part of riding the tandem is that I ride in the back position so I never have a head wind. The worst is that I am positioned uncomfortably close to the rear-end of someone eating a lot of energy bars.

SKH:  After LOTOJA, what is next on your race schedule?

KE:  Cyclocross–  Kross Kickoff, Moosecross and SpookyCross of course and then a few races in Bozeman and Boise.  There’s a lot of cyclocross stoke on the team this year so hopefully we can do some team trips to the regional races.  We’ll see where else the Fall takes me.

SKH:  Do you have any superstitions when it comes to racing?

KE:  I am a firm non-believer in superstitions, whatever happens just happens.

SKH:  Do you have a mantra or tape a saying to your stem to motivate you?

KE:   Nope but when I get scared or nervous on my bike I usually swear alot, over and over and over.  I guess that’s kind of like a mantra.

SKH:  What is your favorite post ride treat?

KE:  Like most cardio-junkies its a good burger and ice cream.  Although I’ll take any excuse to eat ice cream.  Like for example I reward myself for riding my bike to the market to pick up ice cream with said ice cream.

SKH:  What thing have you purchased from Fitzy’s that you just can’t ride without?

KE:  Hmm, so many things.  I love my stealth-black cyclocross skinsuit– I think it actually makes me go faster somehow.  Also the other day I tried the Coffee affogato for the first time and it has officially changed my life.

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