Race Reports from Team Fitzy & The Idaho State Cyclocross Championships

Cyclocross season is wrapping up and our team has been busy racing .  Just last weekend, Fitzy team members David Conner, Gabe Klamer and Dave Byers raced at the Idaho State Cyclocross Championships at Sandy Point.  They shared their race reports with us.
David Conner’s Race Report:
If I ever have a perfect race I won’t know what to do with myself?  The weekend forecast was pretty dismal all week long and the drive over was in a torrential downpour the entire way.  Much to my surprise it was very warm, 50 F, and dry Saturday morning.  So I was glad to have made the trip after all and excited to race.  Conveniently stayed at a friends only 2 miles from the race course.  Due to a bit of bad luck I didn’t get the start that I would have liked.  The kid in front of me couldn’t get clipped in to his pedals.  I went left to go around and was forced to stop otherwise I would have ended up in the sand pit.  Now near the back of the pack and heading up the big hill for the first time, someone messed up and stopped forcing everyone else to have to stop get off and run the rest of the way up.  Your start position is determined by how soon you register.  Next year I’m registering 6 months in advance or earlier so I can get in the front line and don’t have to deal with everyone else’s mess ups.  Even given such a bad start I didn’t crash at all, road a fairly clean race and managed to finish 10th out of thirty in the cat 4 field.  At to top it off I got to visit with Beyers.  Since I ran into Dave in Moab at my first ride of the season it seems only fitting that I run into him at one of my last rides of the season.  Find it hard to believe another wonderful season is coming to an end.  Luckily I’ve got to be in Boise the weekend of the 15th so I get to extend the season another couple weeks.

Gabe Klamer rode a strong race to place fourth in his category.  Here is his race report.
Lately I have been looking for excuses to drive to Boise and hang out with fellow teammates Dave and Michelle Byers. Last weekend I found a very good excuse. Idaho State Cross Championships were to be held just a short drive from the Byers’ residence.
Although it rained substantially the day before the course was dry except for all of the goose poop that littered the park. The course was 90% grass, 8% pavement and 2% sand (Yep, I’m an engineer). They also had a wooden fly over that kept you on your toes while trying to remount with goose poop filled cleats.
I took the holeshot and held it for the 1st lap. Once the faster guys had enough of my poor bike handling and stale legs they decided to pass me then put a gap on me that I could never close. I was stuck in 4th place for the rest of the race. 5th place was a minute behind but I could never quite get back on 3rd places wheel. So 4th place it is.
Next year if I plan on winning the Idaho State Championship I will need to practice riding more sand, drink much less beer and hone my mini bunny hopping skillz :-)

Dave Byers shared this video with us – he says that Gabe gets some good time in it but he was so far off the back that there isn’t any footage of him.

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