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The Buff: An Essential Piece of Clothing

The Buff

Jannine wanted to share her thoughts on that funny piece of clothing: The Buff. You’ll see that J9 loves her Buffs, and I have to admit, I am right on board with her. I use my several Buffs riding and skiing in the winter and bike packing, camping and backpacking in the summer. But let me get out of the way and let you hear J9′s thoughts:

Get BUFFed Out.

Yeah, I am sure you might have looked at a BUFF before and said, “Why would I spend money on that, I can make that!” or “I’ll just cut off a sleeve from a long sleeved shirt”… AND then…you never do. Life is too busy and there is way too much fun to be had between all of the “responsibilities”. So, I am here to tell you why I love my Buff. Okay, I have more that one. I pretty much have one or part of one in stuffed in everything I own from my backcountry ski pack to my snow bike pogies. Here are a few reasons why I “heart” the BUFF:

Not only does it serve as a super cute TUKE:

Put halfway on head inside out,

Then give a few twists,

Then Fold down,

Vuala…cute Tuke.

BUT, it also is a great neck gaiter. BUFF makes cotton as well as WOOL. The cotton is enough at times to cut the chill and also serves as great protection from the sun when cycling, fishing, hiking…., The Wool is even better on those chilly days, but comfortable on the warmer days.

But, my all time favorite thing about the BUFF is:

Nose Buff

Nose Buff

For years now I have been cutting my BUFFS in half. When they are halved you can use them as a super cute headband but most importantly is the amazing nose guard it becomes. If you are a snow-biker you know how often you need to cover your nose up from the generated breeze you take on. The key thing on the BUFF is you can cover your nose, but leave your mouth and nostrils open so your glasses/goggles do not get fogged. BRILLIANT!

In addition to using it on my snow bike I use it religiously back-country skiing as well. I cannot tell you how many times over the years people will stop me on the Glory bootpack or on the skin track and ask about my NOSE set up. We all know too well how you reach that halfway-ish point on Glory and the wind starts rippin from the West. All you want is some sort of nose/cheek protection but you also do not want your eye-wear fogging up from the intense panting you are doing. I promise, the BUFF is the answer.

You can also use the standard Polartec like headbands or Balaclavas (Have to admit they are sort of geeky), but why not look cute (or hip for y’all men)!

At Fitzgerald’s we have a great assortment of BUFF Originals ($20), BUFF Wool ($29-$32), AND now you do not have to cut your BUFFS in half, you can buy a HALF Buff ($13) for that nose guard.

So maybe a couple of you WILL make your own, but if you are like me…juggling a job, a child, what’s for dinner, Idaho Politicians who don’t care about our children’s education, powder turns, and a “so-called” social life, just come in and treat yourself to a piece of gear you will not leave home without!


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