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Progress on the Idaho Transportation Alternatives

Safe Routes to Schools

Safe Routes to Schools

We recently received news from the Idaho Pedestrian & Bicycle Alliance about how federal transportation funding will be spent in Idaho.  The Idaho Transportation Board says that the Transportation Alternative Programs supports local tools such as Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements, Scenic Byways and Recreational Trails – this is great news for local communities to get funding for cycling pathways and creating safe routes to schools.   Now’s the opportunity for us to contact our local officials and encourage and help them apply for grants to improve pathways and safe routes to schools in our Idaho communities.

Here’s the letter we received!

Dear Members, Supporters and Friends,

We attended the Idaho Transportation Board’s meeting on Wednesday, and finally, after many months of hard work from all of you around Idaho, we are very close to a winning solution!
The Idaho Transportation Board voted and passed a resolution to support and authorize funding for the Transportation Alternatives program as established through Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21). Within the resolution, Idaho Transportation Board stated that the Transportation Alternatives program supports a variety of local transportation projects by repacking elements of the Safe Routes to School program, Transportation Enhancements program, Scenic Byways program, and the Recreational Trails program. They have created the Community Choices for Idaho management tool to assist local communities in applying for funds and to competitively select projects that will be submitted to the board for approval.
Bike Route
The Idaho Transportation Board authorizes funding and obligation authority for the Transportation Alternatives program that complies with MAP-21 and uses the Community Choices for Idaho management tool.
THANK YOU to every one of you who wrote a letter, submitted a project, made a phone call, and attended a meeting. It worked!!! Transportation Alternative dollars will NOT be transferred to road projects, but rather they will stay where the Federal government intended for them to remain – local biking/walking projects around the state.
Our work is not done, but for now we can congratulate ourselves on what we have accomplished, because it is a lot. Roughly $3M will be available through competitive grants in Idaho for these projects.
We will CELEBRATE!!!!  We hope you will join us on Monday, April 15th, at Bardenay in Boise for our Charity Nights. Please come down with friends and family between 5pm and 9pm, and say hello! A portion of all dollars spent will go to IPBA.
Thank you for your continued support!

Cynthia Gibson
Executive Director
Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Alliance
P.O. Box 1594  Boise, Idaho  83701
“The Idaho Pedestrian & Bicycle Alliance promotes walking, bicycling and other forms of human-powered transportation as healthy, sustainable, reliable and viable options for all Idahoans.”

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