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4th Annual Mountain Blue Bird Classic Ride Report

Mountain Blue Bird Ride - photo courtesy of The Hub

Last Saturday was the 4th Annual Mountain Blue Bird Classic organized courtesy of Aaron Nydam.   Fitzy Team Rider, Gabe Klamer shared his ride report with us.   Enjoy!

The following is how I saw the ride through my perspective and is not to be reproduced without the written consent of Ricky Bobby, Inc.

Saturday marked the 4th annual Mountain Blue Bird Classic or how “us” people in the biz would say, T4AMBBC.  The weather was perfect so the turnout was huge.  40 to be exact.  The peleton consisted of all ability levels of men and women.  This was good because it allowed Saurdude good opportunities to strut his stuff in front of the laydeez.  Three prominent colors were noticeable: Fitzy Orange, Hoback Neon Green and Team JH Baby Blue.  There were also some Hub riders in the mix.

Grand Teton National Park

Beautiful Day for a Ride in Grand Teton National Park

After a neutral roll out from town to Taggart Lake parking lot, teams were selected.  There were to be several intermediate sprints strewn into the ride along the inner park road. Points would be earned by the teams with riders in the top 3 at each sprint prime.  I’m pretty sure the team with most points would win a free bike from the Hub, compliments of Aaron Grutzmacher?  The sprints all played out the same. Saurdude would lead the group out, Unnamed guy in baby blue would almost take the peleton out at high speeds, then Ben Aufderburner would walk away from the group for the 10 points.  I really suck at sprinting because I have bird legs so just assume I was far behind all of this “sprinting”.

Last Weekend in GTNP for no cars

No Cars on the Inner Park Loop Road

Saurdude should get the Most Courageous Rider award.  He pretty much attacked the group in every sprint then he went on to pull 1/2 of Teton counties cycling community back to town in a stiff headwind.  Note to self: next time I ride with S-dude wear my HTFU bracelet.

After the 65 mile group ride I volunteered to be AJ’s punching bag on Teton Pass.  Last time I ever do that without a blood transfusion the night before.  I finished my ride with 25 additional miles and 2,500 additional feet of climbing.  I guess technically AJ and I did T4AMBBCTP.

Good times,



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