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Eco Fair 2013

Lloyd at EcoFair

Lloyd at EcoFair

Our new Events Coordinator, Kathleen Crowley, spent last Saturday at Jackson’s Eco Fair.  And she shared her report with us.  Thanks Kathleen & welcome aboard!

It has been a couple years since I last attended the Spring Eco-Fair in Jackson. I have a vague memory of a bunch of well-meaning tree huggers (like me) crammed into the park across from Pizza Hut.   A few bands played, we laughed, we cried and went home with a reusable bag of some sort.   It was definitely a good time, but it wasn’t the make or break social event of the off season by any means.


Kick Bikes Rule

Kick Bikes Rule

Fast forward to 2013, and…bam!  The Spring Eco-Fair was a whole new game at the Snow King Ball Field this year.   There was a large tent in the outfield, which hosted a myriad of organizations and businesses committed to eco ideals.  A bunch of fun, live music emanated from a stage set up on the infield.   And, an assortment of booths hugged the fence, selling food and beer, shooting frisbees out of a robot, encouraging environmental activism and, of course, promoting a stronger bike culture for individuals and families in the Tetons.   After all, bikes are the most eco-friendly vehicles on the planet, right?!

For its part, Fitzy’s teamed up with Friends of Pathways and Hoback Sports to offer a bike valet service and free safety check for bikes.   Our supreme bike mechanic and overall bike “know it all”, Lloyd, was kept busy all day doing his thing — carefully checking over bikes, making tiny adjustments, and writing cute, little notes to the owners about how to bring their bikes “up to speed” with lube or new cables, brake pads, etc.   Here are some questions to consider as you ready your cycle for the season…

- Tires and wheels – Are they inflated properly? Are they worn or cracked? Do they spin freely? Are your wheels securely in place?

- Brakes – Are they worn? Do they apply enough pressure? Are your cables worn?

- Handlebars, seatpost, stem – Are these properly adjusted and fastened tight enough when pressure is applied to them?

- Chains and gears – Do they run cleanly? Do they need lubrication?

- Helmet – Do you have one? Does it have any cracks? Is it adjusted properly on your head?

Fitzy’s also had a chance to display some of the options available for cycling families.   Jannine chatted with many, many parents about how to safely bring children along for the ride. “You mean I don’t have to let my little brother ride on the front of my handlebars any more?,” kept echoing in my head.  There are some pretty cool options these days…

Getting the Low down on the Ibert

Getting the Low down on the Ibert

- iBert Safe T Child Seat – sits right behind the handle bars between an adult’s arms, has a padded seat, and a secure way to strap the little one in

- Strider bikes – for rugrats who want to run/bike to prepare to balance on a pedal bike…but, really, when are they going to make these for adults?!

- Children’s bikes – for those who believe they are beyond the Strider, or who want/need a bike with more features like training wheels, shocks, gears, hand brakes or a cool basket

- Adult bikes – the Fargo Salsa, for example, is a great solution for parents that want to have it all, a super touring bike plus a gorgeous beast that can easily pull a Chariot through all conditions

- Chariot Carriers Cheetah 1 – simply a terrific way to tote kids or groceries or both!

Jannine at the Jackson Hole Eco Fair

Jannine at the Jackson Hole Eco Fair

You know, all in all, it was a great day at the Eco-Fair! Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say hi, to look at our gear, and to get your bike checked over, and, to those who never made it by the Fitzy’s booth because the SRB beer line was so long. We hope to see you again soon at the shop or on the trails and pathways. Happy Pedaling!

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