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2013 Run & Ride Report

Kathleen Crowley spent last Sunday at the 2013 Run & Ride…here is her race report.

My heart is pumping. I’m clearly anxious about the start in 5 minutes. Do I have everything I need? Did I prepare well enough? Finally, I count down, 5…4…3…2…1…GO! I step aside, and…they’re off! Kids of all ages run through the first set of cones and on to the pathway. Phew! They’ve begun the running leg of their mini-race with eager looks in the eyes and lots of encouragement from parents and spectators. Within minutes, they return and grab their bikes for the 1 mile leg in the other direction. I race to reset some cones on the tight, sandy corner near the finish, hoping to avoid any wipeouts. Eventually, they all pedal across the finish line and receive a blue ribbon for participation. Smiles all around!

This past weekend, I re-discovered that the Run and Ride is a great event. It kicks off the competitive run and bike seasons, of course. As someone pointed out, there was enough carbon fiber in the bike transition zone this year to build the next space rocket. I’ve raced it in the past and am usually geared up, ready to rumble. But, this year I participated in different way (behind the scenes for Fitzy’s) and really loved it.

I think it is because the Run and Ride touches the Tetons in so many ways. It is a fun, community event complete with chariots, stray dogs, scooter bikes, the fun class, kids’ races, mucho lost and found items, umpteen numbers of raffle prizes and volunteers galore. It offers a chance for families to gather, to “race” together, and to stay healthy. Parents can pass down their wisdom or love of the outdoors. This kind of energy was definitely in the air this year.

And, the Run and Ride is for an incredibly worthy cause – the Cancer Support Fund via the St. John’s Foundation. I heard a story about a young man who had come to St. John’s to receive cancer treatment. He and his mother were camping in the area because they couldn’t not afford to stay in a hotel. The Cancer Support Fund stepped in and helped them find a comfortable place to stay. This blew my mind. I was glad to hear that all the money raised from the event goes directly to the Fund.

I hope everyone had as much fun out there as I did! Thanks to Michael and Lloyd for checking over bikes and setting up folks with some sweet Orbea demos. I’ll look forward to seeing you next June at the 2014 edition of the Run and Ride!

Thanks to Jeff and Phil (and Happy Birthday to Phil) and their amazing team at Skinny Skis and to Kate for putting on another great event.  And thank you to Aaron for the awesome sound system.



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