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Fitzy Team News

Our Team is off to a great start this racing season.  Here’s some of our recent race reports from our team members.

AJ, Kim and Dave all raced and podiumed at the Boise 9 to 5

A.J.’s Race Report for the Boise 9 to 5

This One Doesn’t Quite Go To Eleven

Quick Stats:

10 Laps

91 Miles

13,680′ of elevation gain

7:10:08 on course

1st-Place Solo Singlespeed, 1st Solo Overall

# of Wrecks: 0

Max Speed: 40mph

Max Temp (measured on my Garmin): 98.6F. Oof.

That was my goal, to complete 11 laps in eight hours on the ~9.1-mile Knobby 9-to-5 course on Saturday. I probably had just enough time to complete that 11th lap before the eight hours was up, but I was cooked. Lots of learning.

The 9-to-5 started as these races do, with a LeMans run to the pile of bikes and a scramble to get out of the mass before trampling/being trampled by everybody else. As soon as we started pedaling I could feel that my legs were still fatigued from the last couple of weeks, which made me feel good about my plan to temper the pace in the first few laps to allow me to warm up into racing.

Only marginally successful. I rolled the first couple of laps in 4th place, faster than I wanted but letting myself get sucked into a faster pace by the 3 leading soloists. And then somewhat unintentionally started pushing a bit harder to reel them in. Not entirely a tempered pace.

Fun, fast Singletrack with AJ and Michael Woodruff

Somewhere in lap 3 I caught and passed Matt Woodruff, and rode the next few laps with him as the other two leaders faded back.

Lap 4 was when I started to get a glimpse of the day’s upcoming challenges. Yeah it started to get hot, but the real bummer was that I was already starting to cramp. Had I taken Anatomy & Physiology in college I could probably name the muscle that travels down the inside of the thigh; regardless, that was the first one to fire.

Pedaling through it seemed the only reasonable option, and it did go away after a few minutes. Alas, it was only a preview.

…read the rest of A.J.’s race report here.

Dave Byers’ Race Report for the Boise 9 to 5

Quick Stats:

Place: 2nd, Solo Men 40+

Laps: 10

Time: 7:51:49

Miles: 90.4

Elevation Gain: 12,303′

My Race

Dave takes Second

Fast forward to the end of the first lap as I came through the timing tent; the woman calling out numbers yelled, “Number 38, 42 minutes…” WTF? Did she say 42 minutes and something? Holy shit! I was nowhere near the front of the race but that was much faster than I expected. I had been racing wheel-to-wheel with several fast folks for the entire first lap and was riding at a pace that was above my normal endurance race comfort zone. It’s good to break out of your comfort zone once in awhile right?

At the 2011 Knobby 9 to 5, I had a very good race and did nine laps on my singlespeed. In 2012, I DNF’d after three laps with severe low back pain. For 2013 I wanted to go “all-in” and see if I could do ten laps. The math was intimidating…I had to average 48′ per lap to finish ten before the 5pm cutoff.

Starting fast has never been my strength but I knew that I needed to “bank” at least three fast laps to start this race in order to give myself any shot at doing ten laps. After that, I was simply hoping that I my endurance would kick in and I could sustain a 48′-49′ per lap pace for the remainder of the day. I love it when a plan works! I was able to finish my 10th lap with nine minutes to spare.

…read the rest of Dave’s race report here.

JayP sits in behind 4-time DK200 winner, Dan Hughes

Jay P’s Race Report on the Dirty Kanza 200

Suffering, bonking, cramping and or soft pedaling is not what I do ;) ! I seem to find a niche and when I like it, I love it. My new found niche is gravel riding and racing. I’ve been riding gravel for sometime through my long distance events but never really indulged in a “gravel race” and a couple weeks ago I did the Dirty Kanza 200 in Kansas – The Premiere Gravel Road Race. Sounds boring and flat eh? NOT! It was an awesome ride and the venue was amazing. There were ~1000 rides total with over 600 doing the 200 miles and the others a 100 miles. One might look into the horizon seeing flat fields when in Kansas but what you don’t see are all the depressions or negative vertical feet. My Garmin told me ~12,000′ gain for this ride, so really not flat all. You would ride up one side of the 50 to 150 foot hill and then would have to pedal down the other side, this was due to the 25 mph consistent, constant head-cross wind that was firing at us for the day. Go ahead and ask about drafting and riding in a group like roadies do. It’s hard to explain but you just can’t do it that successfully unless you were very even riders. It was really hard to do on the loose flint hill rock that you had to keep an eye on or you would be bouncing all over and end up with a flat.

In typical style Tracey and I drove straight there, I rode, she supported me and then we drove straight back to V-shizzle. It was a long weekend but was / am more then happy we went. To see what the organization has built in a sleepy town of Kansas was amazing. All the businesses and local folk were very welcoming and all so appreciative of the event as well as the people it drew.

As for the race, well, I had a good one. Going into it I was nervous of all the front range and mid west seasoned talent. It was the first time in a long time I was going to read the field and let someone else dictate the pace. I ended up riding in the front pack and it wittled down to about 6 of us till I flatted at mile 70. From there I rode pretty much all day by myself, riding my own ride. I was never bored of the scenery as it was very lush and the up and downs were filled with everything from dusty farm fields to tree embedded stream bottoms. I stayed efficient with my aid stations which were every 50 miles and of course Tracey was spot on for me each time. I came across a rider or two here and there that fell off due to flats, blowing up and not following their cue sheets. The final miles into town were finally a tailwind and when I hit downtown it was lined with spectators and vending producing this great welcoming feeling of completion. After I rode under the finish arch and talking for a few minutes I asked “what happen at the pointy end and how did it pan out?” Well, the organizer looked at me and said well you got second. I was sort of surprised and stoked!

We all have our thing but I highly recommend this race to everybody, truly a race built on passion and it showed! Welcome to the world of gravel, you too will be hooked soon…which reminds me to tell everyone about our Around the Rock ride on June 22nd!

Gabe’s Race Report for the Wasatch Back 50

Last Saturday marked the 3rd annual Wasatch Back 50 which is part of the Utah State Championship Series.  350 of Utah’s finest clad mountain bikers lined up against a rag tag group of Tetonites.  Team member Jason “golfingistraining” Berning,  Ben “fatburningzone” Aufderheide, Cary “Ineedmorewallspaceformynationalchampionjerseys” Smith,  team member Dave “i’llsignupforwomen’s35+ifIwantto” Saurpowersaurman and a few others including my wife Jenny “idon’tneedtowarmuptodomy1stmountainbikerace” Klamer were all in attendance.

Most of the course was dug this Spring so it had no time to pack in from a winter’s snow.  If you are fast at navigating off cambered loose and steep swithbacks this course is for you.  If you lack these skillz, like, a-hem, Your’s Truly, I would recommend staying in the parking lot and have a few 3.2% beers while your friends go out and get the sh*t kicked out of themselves on the rough singletrack. Jason and Mr 35+womensopen had pretty respectable races.  The new kits look good from behind. I know this because that’s all I saw of Berning’s.

Dave Saurman’s Wasatch Back 50 Race Report

Hey Hey Kids,

The race season is off and running! (at least for us mortals, unlike the likes of the Legendary Dave Byers and some other superhumans on our team).   Did my first race this weekend in Heber, UT.   The Wasatch Back 50.  A new course this year.   All single track and hot, dusty and dry.  Some of the trail was good – older single track but more than 1/2 the race was new trail, therefore loose, rooty, and hard riding.   A ripping head wind kept things a little cooler than the predicted 90F degrees and actually not bad.   And lucky I was done about 1:20 before it got really hot.  My first race as a 50 year old!  Holy #$%&!  But I hung on despite my aging bones.   I finished in 5:02 and got 5th in the OLD GEEZERS class.   I had a clean race, passing at least 3 guys in my class in the second half of the second 25 mile lap.  One guy I passed in the last few miles.  The end was tough as I was trying to hold off those guys I passed and I started cramping in my legs.   “don’t cramp, no no no” I was saying to myself as I hammered to the finish.   I would take a huge gulp of EFS and the cramps would ease and on I would go for another bit.   But I finished with only one minor tip over on a loose switchback corner (1 of 2000 switchbacks).   Hung for awards hoping at least for some swag, but those UT boys just don’t know how to have a good time.  No raffle and no BEER?   They need to come up to Teton Valley and JH to get a dose of MTB racing fun!  Swag and Beer apres race.   And maybe even some food.  Either way it was a good time.   I drove down with Paul Nash and Cary Smith and on Sunday we did a “recovery ride” on the PC trails a lot of which were P2P race course.  We only rode hard for 3 1/2 to 4 hrs, 37 miles and only climbed 5000+ vert.  So a weekend well worth the effort.   Jason Berning and Gabe Klammer also raced and did great.  Gabe raced PRO.  The animal.  And our buddy Ben Aufderheide won the whole thing.  Next race-Poky pedal fest in 2 weeks, stay tuned.



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