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Path22 Update

I’ve been wondering what is going on with the pathway bridge across the Snake River. I keep seeing the cranes and all the orange barriers near Emily’s Pond and have been hoping for signs of progress. Well, we’re in luck. The following blurb from the Friends of Pathways August 13 newsletter gives a nice update on the Path22 Project. Read on…

The Path22 Project is made up of three segments: the West, East, and Middle Segments.

The West Segment begins at the Stilson Lot, crosses Wyoming 390 via an underpass, meanders through the new “R” Park, crosses the Snake River on the separated Pathway Bridge, and concludes at Iron Rock Road near Emily’s Pond. Phase 1 of the project (the Bridge!) began in March. As you know, there were some difficulties driving the piles through a very hard layer, but after a new technique, the project has been progressing smoothly. On Monday, the Commissioners approved the 390 underpass, which is scheduled to be constructed this fall when ground water considerations will be less of a concern.

The East Segment will also be constructed in two Phases. Phase I runs along the East Side of Wyoming 22 between Spring Gulch Road and the “Y” intersection of 22 and Broadway / US89 and along the North side of West Broadway to the Flat Creek Bridge. Phase I is scheduled to see construction work begin this fall. Phase II, on the west and south of the same corridor, is scheduled for the summer of 2014.

The Middle Segment will connect the areas between Iron Rock and Spring Gulch Road and will hopefully see construction in 2014.

Brian Schilling, Jackson Hole Community Pathways coordinator commented, “this is a complicated project due to the geographic and environmental considerations, the number of landowners involved along the project area and the extensive permitting required from multiple local, state and federal agencies but we are making good progress and, in a relatively short time, our community will have a completed multimodal connection between the Town of Jackson and Teton Village. We are excited to see the community’s vision coming to fruition.”

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