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Great Pathway news in Jackson!

Thanks to Friend’s of Pathways for this IMPRESSIVE updates on Game Creek, North Pathway 89, and Path22!


Game Creek Bridge Project Underway 

During the month of September, the trail crew has been hard at work replacing bridges and restoring trail in the Game Creek Drainage.  Many of the bridges in this area were showing signs of their age by rotting and flexing. Additionally, some of the portions of Middle Game Creek Trail were aligned too close to the creek, resulting in washout and flooding in the early spring.

Last year, Friends of Pathways was awarded a grant for this project from the Recreational Trails Program through the Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources. This summer, the trail crew set to work pre-cutting lumber and transporting tools and lumber to the site.  Once the boards were in Game Creek, the real fun could begin.  Each board, weighing over 20 lbs, was transported from the top of the Game Creek Road to the bridge site.  The crew had two fantastic volunteer groups to help with the project: Jackson Hole Community School students and the BTNF Fire Crew.  The amount of lumber they transported for each of the bridges was impressive!

During the second week, the crew had the help of mini-x to move fill dirt for turnpikes and to carve a new trail out of the hill adjacent to the road.  The higher placement of this new trail, will help to keep it dry and erosion free.


N89 Pathway Season Extended

Great news for the community and those who use and enjoy the North 89 pathway along the National Elk Refuge! Based on data gathered, NER managers have determined that extending the opening another month into fall (November 1st closure instead of October 1st) is appropriate, and that potential spring re-openings could be moved up if conditions allow in coming years.

The seasonal closure on the North 89 pathway was an agreement between Teton County and the National Elk Refuge that originated when the pathway was originally approved. The National Elk Refuge managers, along with Jackson Hole Community Pathways, will continue to collect data on the elk herd and monitor animal movement to and from the refuge.  For more information on the agreement and the seasonal closure, please see the JHCP FAQ’s here, and for more information on the changes, the link to the NER press release can be found here.

FOP joins the community in celebrating this science-based management decision allowing for increased safety and enjoyment of the National Elk Refuge by its visitors and pathway users!


Path22 Update 

Path22 West Segment – Snake River Bridge
Crews have completed all underground work on the central in-river pier, the first of the three in-river piers to be completed, and have now started work on the east pier. The exposed end of the 3’x5’ concrete base and embedded rebar of the central pier are now visible above the river bed, and the finish work to complete the hammerhead “cap” that supports the steel bridge girders will follow shortly.
As of last week, work on the east in-river pier had started and crews are currently in the process of driving sheet piles to build the coffer dam for the east pier. The coffer dam will extend approximately 30’ below the river bed and will allow crews to construct the below-ground components of the pier, a process that is expected to take several months. As soon as the sheet pile driving is complete crews will move on to excavating the interior of the coffer dam, driving H-piles, pouring the concrete seal cap, dewatering the coffer dam, and then begin the forming and pouring of the concrete pier itself. This process must be repeated for the west pier as well. The project is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Path22 West Segment – WY390 Underpass
The contractor has received final approval from WYDOT and work is expected to start next week (September 30th) on the underpass near the WY390/WY22 intersection. The project will install an 80’-long concrete culvert underneath WY390 approximately 450’ north of the WY390/WY22 intersection, connecting the existing pathways at Stilson Ranch to the future pathway that will extend through the new Rendezvous Park, across the Snake River, and east along WY22 connecting to the pathway system in the Town of Jackson.

Path22 East Segment – West Broadway
Work is ongoing on the East Segment – Phase I portion of the Pathway 22 Project, which will construct 1.1 miles of pedestrian and bicycle facilities on West Broadway (US89) between the Flat Creek Bridge and the “Y” intersection of WY22/US89, and on WY22 between the “Y” and Spring Gulch Road. The facilities generally include a 6-foot wide protected bike lane (“cycle track”) separated by 2-4 feet from an 8-foot wide pedestrian sidewalk on both sides of West Broadway, and a 10-foot wide pathway along the west side of WY22. The 6-foot cycle track will also continue on the east side of WY22 from the “Y” intersection up to Spring Gulch Road.
Crews are focusing this fall on the area near the new Walgreens at Budge Dr. and along the undeveloped hillside just west of the Flat Creek Bridge. Most of the prep work and major grading will be completed this fall, with actual pathway installation occurring in spring 2014. The project plans are available on the Teton County website at:

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