Movie Night: Wow!

So last week we had our first ever Movie Night at the shop.   And oh boy, did we have a great time.    Thanks to everyone who came, drank a few beers with us and watched the movies.

Fitzy Getting the Movies Cued Up

Fitzy Getting the Movies Cued Up


BikeWire + Fitzy’s = Recycling

Last fall Fitzgerald’s Bicycles was happy to find out that he could find someone to haul his old (heavy) monitors 4 miles to the recycling center.  If you want to see this video on the big screen, be sure to check out the last Bike-In Movie tonight!

In addition, Fitzy’s will be donating a Haro Cruiser to the raffle!  Beers under the stars, delicious brews, winning a cruiser, watching kids ride bicycles to save E.T. from the po-lice?  Yeah, those dinner plans can be pushed back a day or two.

Singlespeed or Bust!

Starting from the grimiest skids and working its way up to the fastest racers – singlespeed mountain bikes are manifesting their glory more and more every season!  Why?  Because often less is more.  Check out Dave Byers sick Salsa Selma Ti build:

Orbea Video

Orbea was founded in 1847 as a family business specializing in gun manufacturing. In 1930 it changed its priorities and began to design and manufacture bicycles. Located in the Basque County in Spain, and being an employee owned company – Orbea makes some of the finest bicycles in the world to date!

103 Year Old Cyclist!

If you are under the impression that you can’t bike commute because of your athletic fit, age, lifestyle, job, kids, etc, etc – you have no excuse!  Check out this great, GREAT, American who rides his trike almost every single day!  His wife made him trade in his two wheels for the trike when he turned 100.  He never gets sick and attributes it to eating natural food and staying active.  What are you going to be doing when you are 103 years old?

From Cyclelicious.

On Location Areal

Located right here in Wilson is one of the coolest filming organizations I’ve ever seen.  To get their fantastic areal shots they use a remote controlled helicopter.  That’s right, areal filmography without using a full sized helicopter – check it out!

Snowbiking all over the Country!

The Snowbike craze is sweeping the nation faster than Brandon Campisi at a free Tequila tasting.  Check out what’s going on in Minnesota, they told one reporter that Jackson Hole Snowbikers need to step up their game!

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