Around the Rock Solstice Ride

This is an annual ‘RIDE’ of passage leaving from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles each year on the Solstice Weekend. We’ll head clockwise around The Rock (The Grand Teton) on a 50/50 mix of gravel and pavement. 154 miles, 6000 feet of climbing and TOTALLY doable for the average fit rider.  Whether you Ride for speed or ride for the accomplishment it doesn’t matter. The beers taste just as good after!

This year’s ride starts at 6am on Saturday June 21st from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles!

Full Interactive Map

AtR Que Sheet:

> START – Head North next to Highway 33 from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles

> Turn Right on 6000 S heading East to the first left turn – Turn Left

> Head North to 5000 S – Turn Right

> 5000 N heading East to 2000 E – Turn Left

> 2000 E heading North to 3000 S – Turn Right

> 3000 S heading East to Stateline Rd – Turn Left

> Stateline Rd heading North to E 5000 N* – Turn Left

* See map below to make sure to turn before Leigh Creek which has no bridge and is running high:

South Leigh Creek Reroute.png

> E 5000 N heading West to Hgwy 33 – Turn Right

> Hgwy 33 heading North to N 500 W – Head Straight North

> N 500 W heading North to W 10000 N – Turn Left

> W 10000 N heading West to Reece Rd – Turn Right

> Reece Rd heading North to the Rail Trail – parallel to Reece Rd

> Ashton/Tetonia Rail Trail heading North to 550 N* – Turn Right

* 550 N is the first road that crosses the Rail Trail after the big Trestle Bridge

> 550 N heading East to 5000 E* – Turn Left

* 5000 E is the first major left hand turn off of 550 N

> 5000 E heading North to the end – Turn Right onto Forest Rd 263 (Conant Fall River Rd)*

* You will be on Forest Rd 265 momentarily before it turns into 263, see map below:

Forest Rd 263 intersection.png


> 263 heading North to Ashton Flagg Ranch Rd (Grassy Lake Rd) – Turn Right

> Ashton Flagg Ranch Rd heading East to Flagg Ranch / Hgwy 191 – Turn Right

> Hgwy 191 heading south to Teton Park Inner Road – Turn Right

> Teton Park Rd heading South to Moose – Turn Right

> Moose Wilson Rd heading South to Wilson / Hgwy 22 – Turn Right

> Hgwy 22 heading West to Victor – FINISH!

I’ve decided to not put out a GPS file.  This ride is a great chance to practice your map skills!

Fat Bike Events: Build Community / Advance Advocacy

We take it for granted sometimes.  You get on your Mountain Bike and go for a ride.  Simple.  Well it wasn’t always that way.  In the late 80′s / early 90′s Mountain Bikers gathered for grass routes events that brought the tribe together and showed land managers that this new user group was important and needed to be recognized.  Over time the sport grew and these “races” lost their vibe and became athletic hammer fest events.  Old school MTBers look back longingly at those early days and say… man, those were the days!

Well here we are again, a new sport, a new set of access issues, same great vibe!  Fat biking has emerged from obscurity and is now being paid attention to by the population at large.  But access issues persist and the need for community building, grass routes events is greater than ever.  Over the next two weekends the Greater Teton Region will be hosting two amazing examples of events created for the rider. not the event promoter.  No matter if you are a racer or not, an advanced rider or a someone new to Fat Biking, come out and show your support for cycling, for community building, and for the Fat tire revolution!

Below are the event details and please email back directly if you have any questions at all.


JayP’s Fat Pursuit

Togwotee Winter Classic


‘Tis the Season to Keep It Local, Yokels!

Keep It Local

Is this a motley crew or what?!?  It’s an image of the Fitzgerald’s staff (minus Michael and me) taken by one of our customers, local photographer, Jonathan Selkowitz.  We are gearing up for Black Friday and the upcoming Holiday Buying Season. Teton County, ID and Teton County, WY are devoid of any Walmarts or Targets or Best Buys, but it is a given that there will be lots of sales starting Friday in both valleys.  What does this mean?  This means that we all have a great opportunity, right here and now, to spend our money locally.

What does “Keep It Local” really mean?  It means (more…)

Fitzy’s Bike Team News: Bergy Down, But Not Out

Bergy Tears ACL, Down But Not Out


Well I don’t have a race report, but rather a DIY project that I thought you’d might enjoy. This project is how I’ve attached my ipad for optimal viewing for trainer workouts. Yes, I’ve been riding my trainer already… preparation for the 2014 season. Unfortunately, this summer I blew out my acl, and I’ve been race sidelined for the rest of this year.  This cross season I’ll be the drunk obnoxious cheerleader yelling at you holding out dollar bills, or probably in reality I’ll be more like the mechanic bike pit guy who sips on a warm beer throughout the race.


Pivot Mach 6: Best Bike Ever?

Hard to believe but, the Pivot Mach 6 looks ever prettier in person. Come see her for yourself!

So…here’s the story.  I asked Fitzy just what all the rage was about the Mach 6. I had ridden our demo Mach 429 earlier this summer and LOVED it. But, I hadn’t ridden the Mach 6.  (With broken ribs, I couldn’t ride until the beginning of Sept.) Fitzy, J9 and Billy rode it at Dealer Camp in July and their collective opinion of it was, “It’s the best bike, ever!”  Hmm…really?  Ever?  It’s a 650b-er (27.5″ wheels) and has all the according bells and whistles of an Enduro-racing bike:

  • the next generation of Pivot’s dw-link design
  • 6.1″ of travel
  • stiff and responsive carbon frame
  • lower BB
  • longer top tubes
  • and on and on and on and on and on…

While all this seems great, it reads like a foreign language.  So, I pushed for more insider info.  Turns out, our two highly esteemed mechanics at the shop, Michael and Lloyd, apparently rode the Mach 6 at the 2013 WYDAHO Rendezvous Mountain Bike Fest over Labor Day Weekend.  They, too, raved about the bike. (I reasoned that it’s always good when your mechanic likes your bike.)  Scott then raced it in the Super D at WYDAHO.  I haven’t checked the results to see how he did, but I’m assuming he finished the race, at least?  Anyway, Pivot pushes the bike as an enduro-race machine, but Scott calls it the “Ultimate Teton Mountain Bike.”  ”The Best” and “The Ultimate.”  That means I’m definitely going to have to check this bike out for myself.  Steer clear, I’m back in the saddle!

See our homepage at Fitzgerald’s Bicycles to learn more about the gorgeous and high-performing Pivot Mach 6.

2013 Run & Ride Report

Kathleen Crowley spent last Sunday at the 2013 Run & Ride…here is her race report.

My heart is pumping. I’m clearly anxious about the start in 5 minutes. Do I have everything I need? Did I prepare well enough? Finally, I count down, 5…4…3…2…1…GO! I step aside, and…they’re off! Kids of all ages run through the first set of cones and on to the pathway. Phew! They’ve begun the running leg of their mini-race with eager looks in the eyes and lots of encouragement from parents and spectators. Within minutes, they return and grab their bikes for the 1 mile leg in the other direction. I race to reset some cones on the tight, sandy corner near the finish, hoping to avoid any wipeouts. Eventually, they all pedal across the finish line and receive a blue ribbon for participation. Smiles all around! (more…)

Teton Valley Bike Week: June 10-15

Teton Valley Bike Week

Teton Valley Bike Week

Teton Valley Bike Week is coming up from June 10th to June 15th.  Sponsored by Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, Habitat and Peaked Sports, there are tons of cycling events happening all week. (more…)

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