Fat Bike Events: Build Community / Advance Advocacy

We take it for granted sometimes.  You get on your Mountain Bike and go for a ride.  Simple.  Well it wasn’t always that way.  In the late 80′s / early 90′s Mountain Bikers gathered for grass routes events that brought the tribe together and showed land managers that this new user group was important and needed to be recognized.  Over time the sport grew and these “races” lost their vibe and became athletic hammer fest events.  Old school MTBers look back longingly at those early days and say… man, those were the days!

Well here we are again, a new sport, a new set of access issues, same great vibe!  Fat biking has emerged from obscurity and is now being paid attention to by the population at large.  But access issues persist and the need for community building, grass routes events is greater than ever.  Over the next two weekends the Greater Teton Region will be hosting two amazing examples of events created for the rider. not the event promoter.  No matter if you are a racer or not, an advanced rider or a someone new to Fat Biking, come out and show your support for cycling, for community building, and for the Fat tire revolution!

Below are the event details and please email back directly if you have any questions at all.


JayP’s Fat Pursuit

Togwotee Winter Classic


‘Tis the Season to Keep It Local, Yokels!

Keep It Local

Is this a motley crew or what?!?  It’s an image of the Fitzgerald’s staff (minus Michael and me) taken by one of our customers, local photographer, Jonathan Selkowitz.  We are gearing up for Black Friday and the upcoming Holiday Buying Season. Teton County, ID and Teton County, WY are devoid of any Walmarts or Targets or Best Buys, but it is a given that there will be lots of sales starting Friday in both valleys.  What does this mean?  This means that we all have a great opportunity, right here and now, to spend our money locally.

What does “Keep It Local” really mean?  It means (more…)

Fat Bike Summit 2013 – It’s a wrap!

Wow.  Over the years, I’ve been involved with countless events at every level from sponsor to organizer but this year’s Fat Bike Summit and Festival was the most comprehensive event we have been at the head of.  After months of conference calls, spreadsheets, emails, and brainstorm sessions, I finally found myself in the van driving up to Island Park Thursday night.  At that point, my hope was that everything was simply on cruise control.

Loading up at the bike shop.


Togwotee Winter Classic this Saturday!

Greetings Fat Bike Racers & Potential Fat Bike Racers,


The 5th Annual Togwotee Winter Classic is a little over a week away!  Can you feel the excitement? Are you ready?  We have about 30 racers who have already committed. If you haven’t done so, please email me to reserve your spot as I am limited to 50 racers.  Please forward this email to anyone you feel might be interested.

I will offer two distances again this year.  Racers can choose between the 25-mile loop or the 35-mile loop and you may declare your distance the morning of the race.  Over the past four years, we have had a variety of conditions ranging from “firm & fast” to “snowy, soft, and slow”.  Finish times have ranged from under three hours to epic slogs of over eight hours. Plan accordingly.
IMPORTANT: There will be a brief pre-race meeting at 8:15 AM inside Togwotee Mountain Lodge’s Fireside Room. This is the same room we gather in after the race.


Please spend a little time at the Togwotee Winter Classic Blog looking at previous race results as well as the map and route sheets. Don’t hesitate to email me with questions.

Another Fat Bike Race Announced!

Race starts at about 4:45pm on February 11 in the Rope Tow area.

Registration is from 3:45pm to 4:30pm before the race at the start. $5 entry fee.

Three classes: one lap, two laps, the third will be made up of teams of two making one lap each.

There will be snow bike demos on the day of the race.

1st Annual West ‘n Back – This is how it happened…

Local cycling adventure king ping, Jay Petervary, said to me one day this Fall, “Do you really understand?” To which I instinctively responded, “Of course I do. And how dare you ask that?” Sure, I had no idea what he was referring to, but I’m not about to answer no to a question like that from a guy like him. (more…)

Fat Biking at Grand Targhee!

There has been lots of talk about Fat Biking at Grand Targhee and this video shows you why.  Thanks for pushing the envelope Andy and the whole crew at Grand Targhee!

Here is another great Grand Targhee Fat Bike video that highlights the Fat Bike Race on January 15th thanks to Dave Byers.

2012 Grand Targhee Snow Bike Race from Dave Byers on Vimeo.

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