Fitzy’s Bike Team News: Bergy Down, But Not Out

Bergy Tears ACL, Down But Not Out


Well I don’t have a race report, but rather a DIY project that I thought you’d might enjoy. This project is how I’ve attached my ipad for optimal viewing for trainer workouts. Yes, I’ve been riding my trainer already… preparation for the 2014 season. Unfortunately, this summer I blew out my acl, and I’ve been race sidelined for the rest of this year.  This cross season I’ll be the drunk obnoxious cheerleader yelling at you holding out dollar bills, or probably in reality I’ll be more like the mechanic bike pit guy who sips on a warm beer throughout the race.


Team Spotlight: Katie Engleman

Katie Takes on the Victor Cyclocross Course

This week we spoke with Katie Engleman about the upcoming cyclocross season, riding LOTOJA on a tandem and the hardest (and best) ride in Teton Valley.

SKH:   How long have you been on the Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team?

KE:  This is my third season.

SKH:  Why did you join and what do you like best about being on the team?

KE:  A few years ago I started getting more competitively into biking.  I thought it would be a good way to integrate into the racing scene and meet other racers.  I love the team because its jam-packed full of great people and incredible athletes.  When we all get together we just talk about biking, its dorky, and awesome. (more…)

Team Spotlight: Wes Hamilton

Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team Member Wes Hamilton just completed the first half of his season racing lots of crits.  While he took a breather before launching into the rest of his race season, Wes took a few minutes to talk about  hot laps on Victor’s cross course, how he got hooked on the Scott Addict CX and why the joker keeps him going:

Wes Hamilton

SKH:  When did you join the team?

WH:  This is my first year with the team.  I rode a bit with the team last year during the cross season, but this is my first official year.

SKH:  Why did you join Fitzgerald’s Team?

WH:  I got to know the team mainly from their support at the cross races.  It didn’t seem to really matter if you were tearing it up, or brand new to the sport, they gave mad props to everyone.  I made a decision then and there that if the opportunity came up, that was the only team I wanted to ride with.  Everyone, regardless of their level, is supported by this team and that is the vibe that keeps us all going. (more…)

Moose Cross Registration is Open!

Here’s some ‘Cross info from our friends at Victor Velo:

Cyclocross season is almost here in Victor, ID and we hope that you are planning to join us for Moose Cross.

The Moose Cross Cyclocross Festival will again be our premier event and will take place October 8-9, 2011.

We are excited to announce that Saturday’s Moose Cross race will be held in conjunction with Grand Teton Brewing’s Oktoberfest this year.  Come for the racing, stay for the party!  Your Moose Cross entry includes a FREE ticket into Oktoberfest, a $10 value.

In 2010 we had over 100 racers come from out of town and we look forward to seeing our cyclocross friends from Montana, Utah, Washington, Nevada, and other parts of Idaho again this year.

Registration for the 2011 edition of Moose Cross goes live tonight at 7 PM Mountain Time.  If you are planning to come to Moose Cross, please register online as soon as possible.  Racers from out of town look at the pre-registration and a solid list of racers might influence them to come to Moose Cross.  We are hoping to increase our numbers this year and we need to do everything we can to show that we put on a first-class event.

Register Here for Moose Cross.

For more information as the race approaches visit