‘Tis the Season to Keep It Local, Yokels!

Keep It Local

Is this a motley crew or what?!?  It’s an image of the Fitzgerald’s staff (minus Michael and me) taken by one of our customers, local photographer, Jonathan Selkowitz.  We are gearing up for Black Friday and the upcoming Holiday Buying Season. Teton County, ID and Teton County, WY are devoid of any Walmarts or Targets or Best Buys, but it is a given that there will be lots of sales starting Friday in both valleys.  What does this mean?  This means that we all have a great opportunity, right here and now, to spend our money locally.

What does “Keep It Local” really mean?  It means (more…)

Scott Foil: Road Aero Redefined

While most makers of carbon bike fames have been building super-light and super-stiff frame sets in recent years, not many have taken up the challenge to create a road frame that is also more aerodynamic. Scott’s FOIL was one of the first to combine all three.  And Fitzgerald’s has them on sale for $2700. Check out the Scott Bikes online.

By now you’ve seen these in the pro peloton, first under the Team Highroad riders (including Mark Cavendish who helped in the design process, and now under the Orica-Greenedge riders), and likely read a review or two. And while the frameset design itself has been extended across a variety of price points by Scott, the growing number of “aero” road frames from other manufacturers only adds credibility to what Scott was doing two years ago, when they launched the FOIL as an aero shaped road frame that was both very light, and very stiff.


Don’t make us box it up!

Come and get it, so we don’t have to haul it!

When we decied to move the shop to Victor the immediate first reaction was “Holy Cow!  How are going to move all this stuff?”  Well, that’s where you come in.  Over the next month, we are prepared to make you a series of offers that hopefully you can’t refuse.  Basically, we are launching a progressive sale to entice you to come and get it! (more…)

Rental Bikes Now on Sale

It’s that time of the year again and we have a big selection of Rental Bikes on Sale. Our Rental Bikes are well maintained and fully detailed before being sold. Take advantage of 50% or more off regular prices! Here is a current list of availability but keep in mind this changes daily!

Giant Defy

Giant Defy $750-800

2011 Giant Defy 1 XS
2011 Giant Defy 1 S
2011 Giant Defy 1 M
2011 Giant Defy 1 M/L
2011 Giant Defy 1 L

2009 Giant Defy M
2009 Giant Defy XL

2010 Giant Sedona $250


2010 Sedona Women’s M
2010 Sedona Women’s M
2010 Sedona Women’s M
2010 Sedona M
2010 Sedona M
2010 Sedona M

Gaint STP

Giant STP 20" & 24" Kids Bikes $150

2009 Giant STP 125
2009 Giant STP 125
2009 Giant STP 225
2009 Giant STP 225

Anthem X29 1 Large $2000

Anthem X29 1 Large $2000

Anthem X29 1 Large $2000 (reg $3725)

Reign X1

2011 Reign X1 $1900

11 Giant Reign X1 Large $1900 (reg $3800)

Turner 5 Spot

Turner 5 Spot Medium & Large $2900

2011 Turner 5-Spot Medium Raw with Trail Kit $2900 (reg $4950)
2011 Turner 5-Spot Large Raw with Trail Kit$2900 (reg $4950)

2011 Trance X4

2011 Trance X4 $800

2011 Giant Trance X4 M
2011 Giant Trance X4 M

Women’s Week!

Hallmark makes up their own holidays, and so do we!  Why settle for a one day holiday?  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all ladies can come to Fitzgerald’s Bicycles to enjoy things like FREE giveaways from our suppliers, FREE bike demos from Giant Bicycles, a FREE bike maintenance clinic, and FREE food and drinks from Snake River Brewing, Mountain High Pizza and Chippy’s Kitchen & Catering!  That’s not all, Ladies Happy Hour can be enjoyed from 4-7 pm on all 3 days – 20% off women’s clothing and products!  If you’re a dude, and you’re still reading this – click here for guidance.

It’s no secret that Orbea has some big announcements coming up this spring regarding Dama. No matter how good our current bikes are, we are constantly moving forward. A relentless pursuit of unique styling, our desire to incorporate new technologies, our unquenchable need to create… well, AWESOMENESS dictates that we can’t stand still.

But before we can open the next exciting chapter of Dama, there’s the small matter of a few extra Divas and Opal Damas in our warehouse. For those of you who can spot a great deal coming from a mile away, queue the exciting drumroll.

Rental & Demo Bikes on Sale Now!

The moment that everyone has been waiting for has arrived, our rental fleet and demo fleets are now on sale!  If you are looking to get into the sport and aren’t sure about picking up a brand new bike, this is your calling.  We are selling our entire rental fleet, some of the bikes have only been used a handful of times!  These are the bike we have:

Road Bikes:
Giant Defy Alliance   -  XS, S, M, L, XL  -  $850
Serotta Fierte IT  -  56cm, 60cm  -  $3,000
Orbea Orca  -  51cm, 54cm, 57cm, 60cm  -  $2,600 – $3,100

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes:
Norco Fluid 3  -  S, M,  L  -  $1,200
Trance X4  -  XS, S, M, L  -  $800
Turner 5 Spot  -  M, L  -  $2,750
Turner Sultan  -  M  -  $2,750
Giant Reign X w/ Totem upgrad  -  M, L  -  $1,800
Giant Glory 1  -  M, L  -  $2,600

Hardtail Mountain Bikes:
Giant Yukon  -  XS, S, M, L, XL  -  $350
Giant XTC 29er 2  -  M, L  -  $750

Stop by to check them out!

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