Spring is here!!

Fitz-Barn : Barn-Fitz

The Fitz-Barn ride is a 400+ mile self-supported dirt adventure connecting two of the best Rocky Mountain bike shops!

This annual ride alternates between riding to/from Fitzgerald’s Bicycles in Victor, ID and Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton, MT.  The 2013 edition will start in Hamilton on Friday August 9th.  Check out all the details at http://fitz-barn.blogspot.com/

Fat Bike Summit and Festival

The 2nd Annual Winter Fat Bike Summit and Festival was a huge success.  To find out what happened on January 25th – 27th, 2013, check out this blog as well as www.fatbikesummit.com.

Coffee Makes you feel BETTER.

And so does yummy food.  Hopefully you already know about The Nine Bar (Fitzgerald’s in house coffee bar), our legendary coffee, espresso, and blended drinks, and our FREE WI-FI.  For Winter we are expanding the cafe to offer Soups, Sandwiches, and Breakfast Burritos made locally fresh by Tyme Out Cafe.  Stay tuned for the launch of the new menu and start to make the Nine Bar your neighborhood hang out. Buzz buzz.

Our New Website!

We realize you might not always be able to swing by the shop… so now you don’t have to!   Over the last few months we have been hard at work developing a new, more powerful website that will offer you another option to shop with Fitzgerald’s.


Experts in the FAT since 2007

5 years ago we brought the first Surly Pugsley into the shop and wondered if this whole concept of Fat Biking would catch on.  At first most customers scoffed as they proclaimed with polished pride, “That’s cool and all, but I’m a skier in the winter.”  It was as if to say, “Sure, I live and breath all things bike from April to November but Ullr, the great god of Snow, would forever render my skis waxless and my goggles fogged if I ever thought about throwing a leg over a bike in the winter.”  We just smiled and politely offered these apostles of shuss a demo to see for themselves.  One by one the die hard skiers fell to the magic of the Fat Tire while assuring Ullr that they would not stray too far from the flock.  Ullr sat back and laughed at his fearful minions, “FOOLS!  I love to ride the Fat when the skiing blows!”

Now the greater Teton area has become a mecca for Winter Fat Biking and the people rejoice as their legs are prepared for the Spring riding like never before and the lack of a powder day offers a wondrous opportunity to explore new lands.  Come… rejoice.


We Fat Bikers are the new users on the trails and should be extra polite and courteous when out there riding.  Here are a few tips to always keep in mind when riding Fat (or skinny for that matter).

Fat Biker Snowmobile Trail trail etiquette:

  • Install white flashing front lights and red flashing rear lights on Fat Bikes
  • Yielding to Snowmobile traffic
  • Riding as far right as possible at all times
  • General awareness of parking area conditions that make it hard for Snowmobile trailers to maneuver
  • Communicating with other trail users in a friendly manner
  • Idaho Fat bike owners are encouraged to join the ISSA (Idaho State Snowmobile Assoc) http://www.idahosnow.org/

Fat Biker Nordic Trail trail etiquette:

  • Do not ride if the Nordic track is posted for skiing only
  • Do not ride if the snow is too soft
  • Give skate skiers a wide berth
  • Do not ride in the classic ski tracks
  • Make a donation to the club or organization who grooms your local Nordic trail
  • As a general rule, if you have to get off and push your bike, the snow is too soft and you absolutely shouldn’t be on the Nordic trails. If you are leaving a trough deeper than an inch or are having a hard time riding in a straight line, it is probably too soft to be on the Nordic trails.

Grand Targhee Fat Bike Guidelines and Rules

  • Bikes – should yield right away at all intersections.
  • Snow bike lane- ride to left of classic track/ yield to all skiers.
  • Stay to right side of trail around corners and for oncoming
  • Snow bike riders – should let track set –up until 10:00am on morning in which the track is groomed.
  • Snow bikes – Ride Rick’s Basin and Quakie loops
  • Counterclockwise only( best direction for hills)
  • All riders should have trails pass.
  • Trails – Do not ride in soft conditions.
  • Hard packed conditions on trails with 2”new snow is ok, more than 2”( you can’t climb or descend very well)
  • In a snow cycle 12” or more with freshly groomed trails can be too soft. If you leave a rut, it’s to soft.
  • Snow bikes only on trails, tires must be 3.7” or bigger.

Fat Bike Etiquette Article by Dave Byers

What’s the deal with the gear?

Ahhh, there are many secrets to be discovered in this new sport.  Let us begin with the bike…

Salsa Mukluk 3 Complete $1599 ------ Rentals: $35/day $50/weekend


At Fitzgerald’s, we are a big supporter of the Salsa Mukluk.   The Mukluk offers you a light weight Aluminum frame and modern Fat Bike geometry at an amazing price!  Fat Biking is not the fastest form of cycling so you’ll appreciate the lighter frame and fatter rims when you’re cruising along at 5 miles an hour ;)

There are many other options out there and here is a good article from 2010 that will give you some more ideas…

2010 Snowbike State of the Union Article

We have much more to discuss in the “gear” category… stay tuned.

Where to Ride.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, you can not “braaaap” your way across an open snow field on a Fat Bike.  The critical component to a successful Fat Bike ride is a supportable base under your rubber (good tip for life in general).  So groomed Nordic trails, snowmobile groomed trails, snowmobile “singletrack”, and winter roads is the arena in which this sport takes place.  Around here there is no shortage of destinations.


Around Jackson you can keep yourself entertained with a handful of groomed trails.  The Cache Creek and Game Creek trails offer consistent grooming and easy in-town access.  Keep an eye on Putt-Putt and Hagen for doable Winter singletrack riding when the snow storms have been few and far between.  Hagen specifically can be awesome!

If you are looking for a more “back country” experience, take the beautiful drive to Togwotee Lodge on a sunny day and explore the Continental Divide Trails.  The CD-V-CD route is a great 25mile loop or make it a big longer by substituting the K Trail instead of the V for a 35 mile option.  This is the home of the Togwotee Winter Classic Snowbike Race.

Teton Valley Idaho:

The real goods are in Idaho.   Thanks to an extremely active State Parks and Rec grooming program, we have literally hundreds of miles of groomed trails to be explored.  Have you ridden your bike in the Horseshoe Canyon?  Well that’s a great place to begin your Winter ride too.  Head to the end of Horseshoe Canyon Rd and park where the plowing ends (be aware that snowmobile trailers need ample room to maneuver).  Ride out and back to Packsaddle Rd or climb high into the Big Holes for an all day adventure.  Trail head maps will show you the way.

On the East side of the Valley, look to the canyons for more adventure.  Teton Canyon is groomed thanks to Teton Valley Trails and Pathways and Darby Canyon is snowmobile packed and less frequently traveled.

Don’t forget Grand Targhee!  Thanks to Andy Williams at the ‘Ghee, they are the first resort in the Country to offer Fat Biking on their Nordic trails.  Check in with the Activity Center for your day pass and be sure to check the grooming report before you go to find out if conditions are favorable for bikes that day.

Of course, you haven’t really experienced Teton Valley until you have turned off the highway and explored our back roads.  When the snow builds up, the Valley Fat Biking is amazing.  Whether you are heading out for 5 miles or a Winter Century, there is no limit to the exploration.  Check in with the shop for a suggested route and current conditions.

Island Park, ID and West Yellowstone, MT

Have I used the term Mecca too much already?  Well ignore all the previous references because this is it!  The snowmobile trails book-ended by these two communities is EPIC!  Phenomenal day rides or multi-day adventures await.  Check in with the shop for more info on these areas and take a look at the map below:

Freemont County Grooming Map

For latest grooming report call 208-624-7266

Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks:

Don’t get me started…. Although both parks boast a desire to increase non-motorized Winter use, riding your bicycle on groomed park roads is currently illegal.  This bicycle ban is the result of misconceptions about the safety of other Winter users sharing the trail with cyclists.  Yes, that’s right, even in Yellowstone you can not ride your bicycle on the road where snow coaches, snowmobiles, skiers, and snow shoers are peacefully co-existing.  Stay tuned as we continue dialog with both parks about changing these unfortunate regulations.


Grand Targhee Snow Bike RaceResults

Togwotee Winter Classic

West Yellowstone Equinox Snow Challenge

Fitzgerald’s is Moving to Victor, ID

After 10 years in Jackson, WY, Fitzgerald’s Bicycles will relocate to Victor, ID in 2012. Opened in April of 2002, Fitzgerald’s Bicycles was started by Scott Fitzgerald as a one man bicycle repair operation under a tent on Glenwood St. Shortly after opening, Fitzgerald’s moved into 300 square feet within it’s current location on Hansen St next to Snake River Brewing. From 2002 to 2011 Fitzgerald’s moved and grew within the same building as the business expanded from a repair shop to a full service bicycle sales, rental, and repair store. The store has remained committed to being the only year round Jackson Bicycle store, never transitioning to skis in the Winter month, providing indoor riding classes, snowbikes, and tune-up specials that keep the store vibrant through the Winter.

Locals voted Fitzgerald’s “Best Bike Shop Jackson Hole” in 2009, 2010, & 2011 in the JH Weekly “Best Of” edition; a clean sweep since the contest started.

In 2010 the trade journal Bicycle Retailer and Industry News named Fitgerald’s a “Top 100 Bicycle Dealer” in the United States. http://www.bicycleretailer.com/downloads/Top100_2010.pdf

Fitzgerald’s was named one of the Top 100 Best Bike Shops in the Country by Bicycling magazine in 2011.


Reason for Relocation:
Fitzgerald’s Bicycles is committed to being the best bike shop possible for its existing Jackson customers as well as a new customer base in South East Idaho. Long term sustainability is paramount to this goal. Lower overhead costs in Teton County, ID will allow for long term planning and expansion of the business to better serve all our customers long into the future.

The owners of Fitzgerald’s, Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald, are also looking forward to the lifestyle change this move will bring. Scott and Jannine are passionate cyclists who love promoting the cycling lifestyle they sell. After 7 years of daily commuting over Teton Pass, they are eager to get back to living a pure cycling lifestyle.

This move is in no way instigated by any actions of Fitzgeralds’ current landlord. Snake River Brewing has thoroughly supported Fitzgerald’s for 10 years. We look forward to future collaboration and drinking more Snake River beer!

New Location:
The Fitzgerald’s are exploring many options at this time. More information will follow in the coming weeks, but it is certain that Fitzgerald’s Bicycles will relocated to downtown Victor, ID.

Timing of the Move:
Details are forthcoming but we are certain Fitzgerald’s Victor location will open sometime in the Winter or Spring of 2012. The Jackson location will be open throughout the 2011 season.

Fitzgerald’s is looking forward to bringing their legendary customer service to Teton Valley, ID. Customers will be happy to know that Brandon Campisi will stay on as Store Manager and Jay Petervary will stay on as the primary Bicycle Fitter. Of course Scott and Jannine will remain working at the store day to day as always.

New Market Position:
Fitzgerald’s Bicycles is not leaving the Jackson Hole community but simply moving 25 miles away into a more permanent location. Fitzgerald’s is committed to the Jackson community and will stay active and involved in cycling events and promotions in Teton County, Wyoming while positioning itself as the locals’ choice for all bicycle needs, year-round in Teton Valley, ID. Fitzgerald’s will still be the Jackson cyclists’ premier bicycle store and the number one choice for bicycle purchases, professional service, and expertise on both sides of the Pass.

Regionally, Fitzgerald’s will position itself as the premier, destination pro-shop servicing the greater South East Idaho market with superior product selection, fitting services, and travel services through their BicycleTender operation.

Everyone at Fitzgerald’s Bicycles would like to thank all the customers, friends, and business partners that have made Fitzgerald’s successful over the last 10 years!

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