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Trail Updates by the Friends of Pathways

Trail Report, June 13, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area

Greater Snow King Area
FOP crews dug drainage on Putt-Putt and worked on some new seeping areas.  They worked on re-benching some sections of Josie’s and re-vegging braided sections of the trail.  They also finished the Cache Creek Sidewalk extension begun on National Trails Day, which connects the Sidewalk to bridge 3, allowing people to use the Sidewalk to bypass the Hagen stairs.

Trails on Snow King that are free of snow include Putt-Putt, Cache Creek Sidewalk, Hagen River, Hagen 2 Track, High Hagen, Sink or Swim, KC, Linda’s, Flat Creek, and Josie’s Ridge.

Ferrins Trail – the trail to the meadows is open and provides a great out and back. The entire trail should be open by this weekend.

West Game – This canyon may be open by the coming weekend, but there is a good bit of water everywhere.

Cache Creek Trail above Hagen and Putt-Putt – This is still a mess, but by the weekend we should be looking to be clear of snow to Bridge 6 (Cache/Game Bridge).

GSKA Notes:
You will notice bridges in Cache Creek are now numbered just in case they get washed away. If you see a bridge floating away, please let FOP or the USFS know!

The Cache/Game mountain bike race may be moved back a few weeks (it was scheduled for June 22). Please check with Teton County Parks and Rec for more info.


Not Quite Time to Cache In


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Although it’s mid May and the sun is shining, the Cache Creek trail system is only starting to become suitable for riding.  Lets work together and make sure the hacks out there know that riding through mud is extremely bad for the trails.

The rule of thumb is simple: if you’re getting mud on your bike (other than your tires) it’s too muddy to ride.  In addition, by leaving ruts in a muddy trail, you create a place for water to collect which in turn extends drying time.  Also, if you bike around mud then you widen our precious single track.  So do the right thing: stop before a muddy section, kick out a trench for water to drain, and turn around.

If you see someone with a muddy mountain bike, take a second to educate him or her.  Our trails get a lot of use and it would be nice if they were around for many years to come.  If you’re itching to ride this weekend, there is great dirt in Dubois and Pocatello!  Also, you can spin the legs on the Elk Refuge Road and take in some great scenery.

CALL TO ACTION: Help Support the Skyline Trail and Putt-Putt Extensions!

Skyline 1

Skyline Trail Comments Due April 7th

Friends of Pathways encourages trail users – hikers, runners, bikers, and riders – to submit Skyline Trail & Putt-Putt Trail extension comments to the Forest Service by 5pm, April 7th. Your comments are crucial to moving ahead with these two projects.

The Skyline Trail will connect the top of Ferrins Trail with Cache-Game Divide – completing an in-town loop that will be easily accessible and will relieve stress and mitigate conflict on other trails in the system.  Click HERE for more information.

To submit a comment write to Tim Farris.

Click HERE to read FOP’s official Skyline Comments.

skyline map 2

- From our Friends.

Jackson Hole / Snow King Bike Park slated for Spring 2011!

Thanks to the JH Trails project spearheaded by Friend’s of Pathways and funded by a Wyoming Business Council Grant, the Snow King Bike Park project is full steam ahead!

Snow King Resort and Friend’s of Pathways have been working with master bike park designer Jay Hoots of Hoots Inc to maximize the land available. After finalizing designs this winter, Jay plans on two weeks of construction this Spring. The Snow King Bike Park should be live and ready to go by June if all goes according to plan. Stay tuned to learn more about volunteer opportunities that will be key to making these images a reality!









Check out this video to see what an in town jump trail could look like!

EJ’s Update – Skyline Trail – 10-10-10

We had a trial crew field trip two Mondays ago.  We investigated the feasibility of building the Skyline trail.  This is the proposed trail that runs east on the Snow King ridge connecting the top of Ferrin’s to the Cache/Game divide.  It was a beautiful hike with full Fall colors and amazing views.  If built this trail will be the new “Crown Jewel” of the GSKA.  The Ridge has some amazing varying terrain to work with including flat meadows, knife edges, tree’d North faces, open South faces, crags, hoodoos, and elevation drops and gains.  Is it going to be easy?  Nothing is ever easy in trail building.  Is it possible.  Anything is possible, especially with the all-star crew we assembled this year.  Along with the varying terrain there are some very easy sections of trail to build and some very difficult sections of trail to build.  There are many different solutions to how the trail could be designed.  The are several things we know about the build.  The build is going to be remote and some of it is going to be difficult.  With this in mind I’m leaning toward a machine built trail.  This trail is going to be long, 5-7 miles.  This trail is going to be expensive, but this trail is going to be awesome.

Erik Jacobson


EJ’s Update – Snow King Trails 9/6/10

We had a big volunteer dig day on Thursday. The Community School brought 28 volunteers to the Cache Creek Sidewalk extension project. They worked hard for three hours, and constructed much of the extension. I hope to finish the extension by the end of the season. It is in a sense this is the Hagen Stairs bypass project; since folks cans exit the Hagen trail at bridge two, use the Cache Creek Sidewalk, and reenter the Hagen Trail at bridge three effectively bypassing the infamous Hagen Stairs. Thank-you to the Community School for your hard work. Thank-you Mike Welch, Mike Piker, and Chris P. for running the volunteers.

Our FOP Trail Ambassadors have really taken the added responsibility of trail maintenance to heart this season. They have cleared many blowdowns this summer. Many trees continue to fall across our trails with all the wind events that have hit the valley. Chris P. and Mike Piker cleared upwards of 12 trees on 7 different trails last week. They have been clearing lots of line of sight, “crash-zone” dangers, and digging drainage as well. Thanks for all your hard work.

Have a nice week every one and celebrate your labors on Labor Day. Stay tuned for an end of season party when we can all celebrate our hard work this summer!
Erik Jacobsen

EJ’s SnowKing Update 7-10-10

On Monday we worked on the Josie’s Ridge Project with the Henry’s Fork Fire Crew. This awesome crew finished the project in one day! We rerouted a fall-line section of trail just after the K-mart switchbacks. The reroute totaled about 1,200ft. It was a project that we had wanted to do for 6 years, and it was completed in one day. The crew worked so fast that by l0 o’ clock we decided that the project was going to be finished shortly after lunch. Chris P. and Drew Kneeland charged down the hill to find more work. They found a nice reroute to do on the Sink or Swim trail. They didn’t have a saw to clear the reroute, but “No Worries Mate!”, as Chris P. says these days. Drew cleared the line like a grizzly bear ripping out brush and small trees by his claws and teeth. A nice 800 ft reroute was completed in little more than an hour.

Erik Jacobsen

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