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Game Creek Reconstruction Complete!

If you haven’t check out the new improvements on Game Creek you are missing out!  I apologize that I haven’t taken a photo up there, but I was having too much fun.  Thanks guys!  Here’s what EJ has for us:

Hello everyone.  Game Creek trail reconstruction is done.  An old user-created fall-line trail has been replaced by 9,000 feet of world-class trail.  That is almost two miles of new and improved trail.  The new reconstruction came out great.  There was still a good amount of moisture in the soils, and it really helped the new tread reach a good amount of compaction.  The SCA’s did a great job.  They, along with our help, dug a mile of this reroute.  They were a great bunch of kids and worked very hard.  Monday was their last day on the project.  We had 34 people digging in Game Creek that day with the combined forces of the SCA, Henry’s Fork Fire crew, and the FS/FOP crew all digging at once.  It was a big day, and 1,500 ft. was constructed.

We had the Henry’s Fork Fire crew again last week for four days.  This 20 person hand crew got the job done in their usual fashion.  They have been digging trail with us for a while now and really have it pretty figured out.  They dug a very nice looking product.  They constructed 3,600 ft. of trail and did roughly one mile of rehab work to the old trail.  The old trail has been fully rehabbed.  Hopefully it grows back quickly.  We really focused on the eroded sections of trail.  Many, many pickle buckets full of sod were put into these eroded sections.

Brandon Zimmerman wrote a nice article on the Game Creek project.  It was the top headline and article of the Jackson Hole News and Guide weekly Sports section.  The article gave the Game Creek project, the SCA’s, and the Wyoming Business Council Grant projects some great press.  Jenna Schoenfeld took some great photos of the SCA workers.  They were also the front page photo of Monday’s daily.  Thank-you Brandon and Jenna!

Snow King Trail Update by Piker

On Friday I patrolled GSK, CCA and GCA.  Leeks is riding very well but has one small tree across the trail near the private property boundary.  Wilson is riding very well and is clear of debris.  West Game, Game Creek and the southpark parallel single track are in great condition.  EJ and the crew have done a world class job on the re-route of Game Creek.  That section is fantastic and will rank as some of the best single track in the valley.

I have talked to many hikers, cyclist and several horseback riders.  Response is overwhelmingly positive about having a FS/FoP rep on the trails.

Submitted by Mike Piker USFS / Friend’s of Pathways

EJ Update – Greater SnowKing 6/20/10

Hello everyone.  Operation trail construction continues in Upper Game Creek.  The Student Conservations Association kids are doing great.  At the moment the kids along with our help have dug almost 4000 ft. of trail.  The trail is coming out great.  The soils continue to hold just enough moisture to bring the new tread right to compaction.  The new tread is very buffed out from the hard finishing work effort of the FS/FOP crew.  The kids have been troopers camping out in some inclement weather early on in their hitch.  They have never once complained and keep a great attitude.  It is nice to see them finally get some good weather.  The SCA kids are digging through Monday.  By the end of it all they will have dug for 10 days and will have constructed about a mile of trail.  Mike Welch arranged to get the kids pizza at Mountain High Pizza Pie on Monday.  Thanks Mike for the nice reward for the SCA’s.

We saw upwards of 40 people checking out the new reroute in Game Creek on Friday.  The trail users were loving it.  I bet that there will be a ton of folks out there this weekend.

Submitted by Erik Jacobson USFS

Trail Updates



If you read the Jackson Hole Weekly, you may have noticed that they announced summer as officially here.  What does that mean?  Well, aside from the occasional puddle, most everything up and around Snow King and Cache Creek is good to go!  Ferrins, West Game, and ‘Cache to Game’ are all riding nice and fine.


Teton Pass is riding great too!  Arrow Trail, Snotel Loop, and Powerline are all riding sweet!  Lithium and Blacks are good too, but getting up to them you may have to pounce throw a little bit of snow (we know you’re not scared).  See you on the trails!

EJ’s Trail Update 5-30-10

** National Trails Day Saturday June 5th Munger Mountain Area – Details below**

Submitted by Erik Jacobson – USFS

Hello everyone.  Operation layout is now complete.  We have pin flags up on Josie’s Ridge, upper Game Creek, and the lower Ridge Trail.  I’m happy with the layout.  Thank-you Galen and Chris P. for all your work and expertise.  Thank-you Lloyd for volunteering two days on the Game Creek layout.

Next week we will commence operation project area prep work.  We will be clearing the new trail corridors and micro pinning the new trails.  Drew Kneeland and Lloyd Wiser start work this Thursday, and I am looking forward to working with them.  We have a massive summer of trail building ahead of us, and they are the kind of hard working trail folks that we need.  Clay Curly and Chris Owen are also slated to work on these projects, and I am looking forward to working with them as well.

I’ve been thinking about the Cache/Game bike race scheduled for June 21st quite a bit lately.  It makes me nervous.  I really feel that there will be some unsafe racing conditions if the race happens on the 21st.  The race is scheduled smack dab in the middle of the Game Creek trail construction.  Trail conditions are going to be very loose and dangerous.  A suggestion has been made to leave the old trail open for the race.  Unfortunately this cannot happen.  The old trail is close to the new trail.  As we dig we will be uncovering the rehab material that is needed for the old trail.  We have to rehab as we go.  Cache/Game races have been delayed in the past, and I feel that the race should be delayed again.  Let the new trail ride in and compact.  The racers should love the new trail, and a safe, new course will be show-cased.


EJ’s Trail Update 5-23-10

Submitted by Erik Jacobson – USFS

Hello everyone.  Here we go .  Another trail season is upon us.  Chris P., Galen, and I started this Monday on the FOP crew.  Tim Farris started about half of his Jackson Trail Crew on Monday as well.

We had a meeting on Monday and discussed the upcoming massive trail building summer ahead.  Tim Farris went over the schedule of the work crews during mid-June to mid July.  We discussed the trial projects that we want to tackle this summer.  In addition we discussed the public comments from the trails party.  We are using these public comments to make an FS Decision Memo on which trail projects the public liked and that we will do.

Tim Farris has scheduled a ton of workers for this summer.  He got an SCA crew for 20 days,and he got this crew for free!  Nice work Tim.  He also got the amazing St. Anthony’s work crew of 10 days.  This is a lot of labor coming at us.  My plan is to combine forces as much as we can and work with these crews.  It is important for quality control and we can make these crews even larger.  The SCA is a crew of 8 and St. Anthony’s is a crew of 20.  Here are the crew schedules.  We are booked solid for a month.  I want to tie in with these crews as much as we can, but we are definitely taking some days off especially around the 4th.

SCA                                   June 10-20 (day off on the 16th)

St. Anthony’s                      June 21-25
June 28 – July 2

SCA                                   July 1-11 (day off on the 7th)


First Night Ride of 2010

Well, it’s been a while since I dusted off the lights to head out for a night ride on the trails, but I was just itching to get out on the trails. It’s hard to believe that with all the rain and snow we’ve had that the trails are rideable but they are. I rode from the house about 8:30 up to Cache Creek Sidewalk and connected into the middleish section of Putt Putt. Surprisingly there were some soft spots on the Sidewalk. Putt Putt was in excellent, tacky condition with only one soft spot. I didn’t have to turn the light on until about 9:15 which is amazingly late. I recently had my Rock Shox Pike fork Pushed by the guys down in Loveland, CO and upgraded to a Rock Shox Monarch 4.2 rear shock. Not only does the bike climb well it sucks up everything on the way down and I swear I can ride faster due to the efficiency. After a super fun and fast descent I headed up the Hagen Highway to Sink or Swim, walked the two snow sections and bombed my way back down to Snow King Ave.

We don’t have  a weekly, shop mountain bike ride planned but if there is interest in one we will get one started. Please give a call and let me know if this is of interest to anyone. 

See you on the trails!

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