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Town Trails Update 6-23-09

We are quickly drying out from our Juneuary weather and the trails are getting sweet!  If you’ve ridden one of these trails recently or any other Town Trails please post a comment below this post.

Putt-Putt – Good to go, watch for wet spots and try to avoid by gently walking around them

Hagen – Same as Putt-Putt, watch for the mud and try not to blast through it.

Cache to Game – Rideable and in good shape for Wednesday night’s Cache-Game Race

Ferrins – Was riding great before all the rain and I have to assume it’s good to go once again.  Any reports?  Post in the Comment field.

Sink or Swim – Riding Well

Josies and Scotty’s – Riding well

Cahce Sidewalk – Buff and as good as it gets!

Off the Back of the King – No reports in yet, would love to hear one.

Putt Putt Update

My friend Sarah rode Putt Putt yesterday in between the rain clouds after a few hours of direct sun hit it.  She said it lower Putt and Mid Putt was rideable with only a few wet spots.  Be smart though and don’t push it too far if you’re getting deep into the muddy spots.  Use Putt Putt as a “test piece” to see how dry the dirt is day to day.  Stay off Hagen / Ferrins until we have at least a full day or two of sun.

Cache – Game Report

Cache to Game is currently dry up and over the divide.  It sounds like West Game Creek is nearly dry but could wet in spots. Please don’t ride the muddy sections and give the trails time to dry out if they are too wet to ride. We would ask that you post on each comment if you have more current trail info for us.

How’s Cache Creek Riding?

Reports are coming in faster than a broken chain drives a knee into a steerer tube that mountain biking in Cache Creek is great. Putt-Putt is dry except for the very upper section (but that might be good by now too – use good trail discretion). Hagen is mostly dry with some wet patches, again be smart and don’t be the person coming back with a super muddy bike. Ferrin’s is dry most of the way up with snow towards the top. Game Creek is dry, but the Cache / Game divide is still not passable so don’t expect a loop ride yet. Cache Sidewalk is probably as good as it gets! Sink or Swim is buff and rideable, but a little snow walking across the King. Ok, what are you till doing on your computer? Go out and ride.

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