Local Fat Bike Rides

Fat Biking in Teton Canyon

Fat Biking in Teton Canyon

Not sure where to go ride your fat bike?  Never fear – we’ve got the low down on all the fat biking in Teton Valley and Jackson Hole!  Before you go click here for some rules of the trails!

Teton Valley Favorites:

Grand Targhee Resort: Yup, you can ride on sweet groomed nordic track at a resort!  Just head up to Grand Targhee Resort.

  • 15 kilometers of perfectly groomed nordic trails over hills and swooping corners on multiple loop options
  • $10 per day for a ticket or $120 for nordic season pass
  • Facilities:  Restrooms, Restaurant & Bar, Outdoor Shop & Rentals
  • From Driggs take Ski Hill Road all the way to the end at Grand Targhee Resort (more…)

Team Spotlight: Dave Saurman

This week we chat with Dave “Sourdude” Saurman.    Dave, a long time Fitzy team rider, chats with us about his Pierre’s Hole race, lucky socks and a bracelet that keeps him from whining.


Dave at the Galena Grinder

Dave at the Galena Grinder

SKH:   How long have you been riding with the Fitzgerald’s Bicycles Team?

DS:  I have ridden on the Fitzy team at least 5 years now if not 6?

SKH:  Why did you join the team?

DS:  I was invited to join the team and felt honored to be part of the best team in town.  I have been loyal to “my shop” since I started going there in the old shop in the back of the Brew Pub and never gave any thought to any other team.   I was psyched to ride for Fitzy’s.  I love being on the team because we have a great group.  My teammates are awesome and get me excited to ride and race.  And we have great parties with good beer.


Old Pass Road Update

Jim Verdone, Team Jackson Hole member and driver of the Old Pass Road Project, just sent us this update:

Old Pass Road

It has been two weeks since the asphalt work was completed on the Old Pass Road (OPR), and I am just now finding time to put this update together. I hope that you have had a chance to get up on the OPR and check out the work that was done. The crew from Evans Construction, Mike Piker and myself put in two and a half long days to get the work completed. A lot was accomplished through your support and the generosity of all of our donors. We have now reached our fundraising goal thanks to all the donations received small and large. Here is a short summary of what was accomplished;

Cache-Game Race

Cache-Game Mountain Bike Race

Cache-Game Mountain Bike Race

Start your engines & get ready to pin it!

The annual Cache Game Mountain Bike Race is this Wednesday, June 27th.

Sponsored by Teton County Parks & Recreation, the Cache-Game Mountain Bike Race serves as a benchmark for local riders looking to sort out their status among Jackson’s elite mountain bikers.


FOP Trail Report August 30th, 3011

Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area

All Greater Snow King Area, Munger Mountain, and Teton Pass Area trails are now open and riding well. Last week the FOP trail crew removed several trees from the last wind storm and replaced the kiosks at the top of Teton Pass. This week a volunteer group from the JH Community School will be helping do a small reroute at the bottom of Josie’s Ridge to bypass the most eroded, trenched section. This should not affect trail users. 

Last week the FS crew worked on the middle fork of Ditch Creek, clearing and improving washed out sections of trail.

FoP Trail Update

Trail Report, August 23rd, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area

All Greater Snow King Area, Munger Mountain, and Teton Pass Area trails are now open and riding well. The FOP trail crew worked with volunteers from City Kids and the University of Wyoming to fix a turnpike on the Hagen Trail and to make a reroute on the KC Trail. Note: the KC reroute is not yet open. The crew also spent time berming corners on the bottom of the Ridge Trail and took care of downed trees in Game Creek, Phillips Canyon, and the Fuzzy Bunny Trail.
The FS crew worked on clearing Wolf Creek, Ditch Creek, and the Highline trail all the way from Granite Hot Springs to Cache Creek. 

The Silver Star work on Teton Pass continues to progress: they are already below Crater Lake and moving down Old Pass Road.  Heavy equipment remains on Old Pass Road during this project. To ensure public safety, temporary trail closures will be in place where machinery is working. To read the entire press release, click here.

Updates from Friends of Pathways

The newest Bike Corral - located in from of Pica's

August 10th Report

Below you will find today’s trails and pathways report for Jackson Hole. Friends of Pathways and the Forest Service have trail crews out on the systems daily, working hard on trail maintenance and construction. Friends of Pathways also works with Jackson Hole Community Pathways and Teton County Parks and Recreation to ensure pathways are swept and safe.

Trail Report, August 1oth, 2011
Greater Snow King Area/Munger Mountain Area/Teton Pass Area

All Greater Snow King Area, Munger Mountain, and Teton Pass Area trails are now open and riding well after some much-needed rain last week. There have been several downed trees due to high winds, which the trail ambassadors were able to (mostly) clear this weekend. 

Last week the FS crew worked with a Wilderness Ventures group clearing the Dog Creek to Little Dog Creek loop.

The FOP crew worked on completing two new sections of trail:  one at the bottom of Phillips Ridge, with the help of several volunteer groups, and the other a connector trail from the Pine Glades development to Sink or Swim, which trail crews are hoping to call  the “Shade Monkey Trail.” This trail was made with a mini excavator that narrowed down to 3 feet wide, providing 2,244’ of shaded single track.  Both of these new sections should be finished this week.

The TFR crew has finished some work on the upper Fuzzy Bunny trail including some new road gap jumps.

Crews and volunteers are working hard daily, addressing problem areas first and then moving to trail improvements as needed. Please be patient, send in your observations, and come out and help – Friday AM’s have now moved to the Teton Pass Area (meet at the Stagecoach at 8am).

Possible Old Pass Road Closures
Silver Star Communications began work this week to install fiber optic cable along the Old Pass Road. This work is park of a larger project to install approximately 100 miles of high-speed fiber optic cable to improve connectivity of broadband service across Wyoming. The work along Old Pass Road will help complete a key loop for this project. Heavy equipment will be on Old Pass Road during the project, which is expected to take about two weeks. To ensure public safety, temporary trail closures will be in place where machinery is working. To read the entire press release, click here.

Pathways Report, August 10th, 2011

The 2011 Sealcoating project began last week. Crews will be patching asphalt and following up with sealcoating the pathways over the next couple weeks on the following sections: School Pathways between Gregory Lane and Middle School Road, Cottonwood Pathways, Von Gontard Pathway (south of Melody), and the Spring Gulch (JH Golf and Tennis) Pathway. 

Pathways should be open to use during the asphalt patching work, but users should follow instructions from work crews and pay attention to regulatory warning signs. During the sealcoating work, sections of pathway will be closed temporarily.

County Begins Work on South Park Loop Bridges, Road Closure near Melody Ranch
On August 15th, Teton County will begin construction work to replace the existing South Park Loop Road Bridge over Flat Creek near Melody Ranch. This project will require closure of the South Park Loop Road in the vicinity of Melody Ranch for the entire 4-month construction period. Concurrent with the road bridge project, the County will also begin construction of a new pathway bridge over Flat Creek adjacent to South Park Loop Road. The bridges will be operational and South Park Loop Road will re-open by mid-December. To read the complete press release, click here.

As the system sees more use every day – especially with kids out of school and on pathways often – please remember your ‘Respect & Responsibility’ code, and consider the safety and enjoyment of all users.  Pathways are mult-directional, multi-use, and walkers, runners, cyclists, rollers, and skaters all have the same rights and responsibilities while using these amenities.  Please announce yourself from behind when overtaking other users, yield to the younger and more inexperienced, stay to the right, and always remember to pick up after your dogs!  Additionally, please remember that on Town pathways, dogs are required to be on a leash – not just under voice control.’
Please let us know if there are any concerns or questions about maintenance and safety conditions on pathways and trails at stewardship@friendsofpathways.org, or call 733-4534.
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